Bitter Yet Sweet Love

Bitter Yet Sweet Love

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Chapter 1

The tale of lovers

It all happen so fast, no one can be blamed
Neither one of us could see this coming
One stupid fight and now a price has been paid
I should have look both ways after running out crying
You tried to run after me, trying to explain nothing went on behind my back
But how was I suppose to know that
You should have never be left alone with someone else
Those strange positions on a couch
Hands not where they should be
Lips touching with no hesitation
I thought that was only for me
Now your disgusted of yourself
Throwing things, drinking constantly, hurting yourself
Even crying through the night
Because when the light turned green
A loud crash was seen and heard
You stood in terror and deep shock
A body in a pool of blood
With a sudden image of a smiling beautiful girl who loved you suddenly erased
You fall to your knees screaming in tears
You try to hold, kiss, and even to sing that song I loved
But I can not wake up, my body is so cold, I'm scared
I have completely left my body but I can see you holding the dead me
I'm sure both us died that day
You visit my new home in the ground everyday with no desire to leave
Pleading for Forgiveness and my return
I am standing behind you, hugging you though you can not feel me no more
You then leave a diamond ring and sing me a sweet lullaby from your heart and leave in such sorrow now so hollow
After ten years, Your doing very well and have become a handsome successful man but something is missing and yet to be found.
At a local Halloween party, You stand drinking punch only to drop it
When a beauty walks in all white and wearing a similar ring you brought.
I smile at you taking your hand for a dance on the ballroom floor
I have never seen you so happy as we dance and twirl all around
But all good things don't last for long as I began to disappear
I had only one chance and short time on earth left
I got to see my old love become a man and now back on track to live again for the both of us.
You cry holding me tight but as I share my last breath with a kiss, know I kept my promise to love you to the end of time.
I fully disappear into a white light, You smile as you swear you saw wings.
Now your standing on your two feet with a never forgotten memory and healed heart.
I love you and congratulations to us, always said we can make it through anything together....


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