Keep the door closed

Keep the door closed


Chapter 1

A Closed Door

Knock all you want but I won't answer no more
I'm so sick of opening and closing the door at you
My pillow is soaked in my tears
My bed so cold and empty
I'm always back in my room, alone and in pain
These walls can bring such nightmares of never ending fights
I'm so tired but won't sleep
So hungry but won't eat
I can't believe how you stole everything, my heart and soul
Now using it for another person, a complete stranger, got some nerve
I shed more tears like blood
The more i loose, the more i meet my end
I remember our first kiss, now makes me fall apart
I remember our first time, now makes me vomit
Who ever you are, your not the one I loved
The sight of you, I make a gun with my hand at my head
When I opened back my door, I'll start over
Meet someone and start a family
You left me one thing
It grows more and more
Making me completely sick
So for now keep that door closed
I will never open it never again for the likes of you, your dead to me
But will live within me as the seed blooms to a flower from me.


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