What do you think is worse? Being different or being outcast? How about both? How about the love of your life is looking at you only like a sister? How about your heart being ripped apart? I hope the suffering will end soon, I'm ready to die to stop it.

Chapter 1


So let me tell you about the angels. All angels are different and alike their human sailers, they feel the same way, go to school and many, many more. But by the age of 13 an angel goes to College, special college that is comuflaged in the human world. Every angel has their own personalities and powers, and there are actually 3 tipes of angels. 1st type an actuall angel, the nerds the "girrly-gurls". Then comes a middy, they are somewhere in between the 1 and the 2. And then there are demons, the cool, popular, good grades, and social (they are still angels)

There are also devols, the are not angels ther DEVILS. They are the bullies and the killers, thiefs....and so on.

But wait there is more, mixies, a very rare mix of a devol, and an angel(mostly demons), Vinera is one of them.

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