What I've Been Looking For (A James and Oliver Phelps Love Story)

Okay so i decided I was going to write this story! I really appreciate comments because they encourage me to add more chapters, sooo the more comments the quicker the chapters will be added! Also, if you want to be kept updated on the story, friend me. Even if you don't want to updated you can friend me because I love making friends! :) hehe

Chapter 1

"He Just Calls You James Because He Likes Him Better Than You!"

I checked my reflection in the locker mirror making sure my black curls were still looking fabulous. Then I slammed the door because I was already late for cheer practice, but two arms trapped me on either side.
"Hey Amy," a tall brunette boy smirked.
"Back off Jared!" I screeched pushing past him with my shoulder.
"Listen I'm sorry about the whole thing with Julie. I don't know why I did it because I know I love you," Jake replied with a hurt expression.
"Yeah, whatever I'm late for practice," I yelled back continuing down the hall, while Jake was left there with a hurt expression.
"CUT!" yelled the director, Flynn McCormick, "Great job everyone! Especially James and Lena! Take twenty and we'll begin at scene 27!"
"If Flynn calls me James one more time, I'm going to explode!" chuckled Oliver to Lena as they walked off set.
"Well that's what you get when you and your twin are playing the same character! And he just calls you James because he likes him better than you," I teased, but then regretted my actions because in the blink of an eye I was being flipped over his shoulder and carried to the trailer he shared with his brother.
"Oliveeer! You're messing up my hair! Flynn will kill me!" I yelled pleading with him to put me down.
"Okay," he chuckled setting me down on the ground. Since the filming of this movie has started, James and Oliver Phelps have become my best friends. And before I continue more with this story I should probably tell you a little bit about myself. My name is Angelena Newhouse, but everyone calls me Lena. My hair is usually a dark brunette, but for the role of Amy in my new movie What I've Been Looking For I've been sporting black hair. I'm currently twenty three years old and I live in an apartment complex in downtown Los Angeles. Now back to the story.
I returned to set with James instead of Oliver for the next scene, where Amy was finally going to forgive Jared.
"Scene 27 take 1" yelled the director.
The stage was set up to look like prom and I slowly walked onto the set in a long blue gown dodging past people and then nonchalantly bumping into someone.
"Amy? I thought you said you weren't coming? By the way, you look stunning," started Jared with a tone of surprise
"I changed my mind," I replied and our eyes quickly connected.
"CUT!" yelled Flynn. "James, your line is "You're exactly what I've been looking for." And please for the sake of this soon to be major motion picture at least act like you like each other!" This quote caused me and James to bust out laughing.
oookkaaayy so i had no idea how to end the chapter and i needed to get this posted soo here you go! remember to comment and rate. I promise the next one will be much better!


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