Things I am not alloud to do at camp half blood

I was bored and I'd seen a LOT of these around so I thought "IMMA DO MY OWN!"

Chapter 1

Chapter 1...I guese...

1.)Leo is not "Flame Boy"
-Or that fire guy from the Fantastic four
2.)Chiron is not a "Pretty Pony"
3.)I am not alloud to call Nico an emo
-Even if he really is
-Wich he is
4.)I am not alloud to tell Thalia that Green Day is dead
5.)I am not alloud to tell Artemis that her problem is she needs to get laid (from somebody on youtube, who is a flippen genius)
6.)I am not alloud in campture the flag to yell "FOR NARNIA" at the top of my lungs
7.)Grover and the other Satyrs are not my personal recycaling bins
8.)I am not alloud to call Mr. D a "Bitter old drunken fart
9.)I am not alloud to play the Darth Vader theme whenever Nico walks by
10.)I am not aloud to sing under the sea or Kiss the girl when Percy and Annaveth are kissing in the lake
-Or ANYTHING for that matter from the Little Mermaid
11.)I am not aloud to sing the Emo Kid Song to Nico
-Or ANYTHING that says he's an emo
12.)I am not aloud to play the Beer song when Mr. D walks by
-Or insist that it is his new theme song
13.)I am not aloud to tell the Aphrodite campers that Clarisse is prettyier then them,
-Or Annabeth (thank you annonymous youtuber)
14.)I am not aloud to do ANYTHING Annabeth told Nico NOT to do to his DSi (Thankyou Randomstar!!)
15.)I am not aloud to insist that the Stoll brothers play the "Wich one is Hikaru game!"
16.)I am not aloud to take pictures of Chiron with curlers in his tail
17.)I am not alloud to write a better Hikou than Apollo and then recite it for him on the spot
-ESPECIALLY if it is how he is "NOT HOT"
18.)(I am not a guy but I thought this was funny enough to put here when I thought it up) I am not aloud to tell Artemis that she looks "SMOKIN' HOT!"
19.)I am not aloud to correct a child of Athena (Thank you anonnymous youtuber whos name I forgot!)
20.)I am not aloud to tell Bianca that she is a bad sister


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