Love hurts (A novel to My Love story)

Hey everyone, this is the second novel in My love story series. Its a true story and based on me and the guy i love. My name is Jessica Minnick. If you havent read the first book yet, you shouldnt read this. I hope you comment, it would mean a lot to me. Just like this story does. So thank you and i hope you enjoy reading it:) !

Chapter 1

Things can happen when you least expect it.

by: Jessica14
"Stop it!" I playfully screamed.
"Never!" Brandon yelled back and threw me over his shoulder.
I laughed and smacked his butt as i swayed upside down on his shoulder. He walked back into my room, and threw me on the bed and leaned over me and put both hands on the bed on either side of my head.
I looked up at his hazel eyes.
"I win." He said breathlessly and ran a hand through his brown hair.
"You always win." I pouted my bottom lip. "Other girl's boyfriends let them win too."
"Yea except you'd kick my asss if i let you win." He tugged on a piece of my hair. "Your just saying that to try and make me feel bad."
My pout relaxed into a smile. "You know me so well. Good boyfriend." I leaned up and kissed him. Me and Brandon have been dating for over two month. We started going out a couple weeks before school ended for the year, and this summer has been great. I've been with him most of the time.
He broke away from the kiss. "I have to go. I got a text from my step dad saying to come straight home after hanging with you." He got up and grabbed his sweatshirt and threw it on. "I didn't even know he could text. Must be important."
"Okay, Call me later?" I asked him still laying on the bed.
He turned back before heading out my bedroom door and smiled. "Always."
I waited a few seconds and then got up and ran out of the room. "Wait. " I yelled to Brandon. He was just about to go down the stairs.
I ran to him and gave him one last kiss. "I love you." I mumbled around his lips.
He pulled back and smiled. "I love you too."
I turned around and went back into my room and went to my bathroom. I looked in the mirror and took a shower and blowdryed and straightened my hair. It was still the same except i got darker highlights put in so that it was a darker blonde. I thought it went better with my electric blue eyes. I reapplied my lip gloss and went downstairs.
"Darling what's the date today?" My mother asked me.
"July 10. Why?" I looked at her lounging on the big white sofa in the sun room with her Ipad.
"We have a banquet to go to in two days. Make sure your ready."
"Yep." I sighed and walked out of the room and into the kitchen. My mother was a former Model. A great model actually, She was absolutely beautiful. She tried to get me into modeling, but it wasn't for me. My father was a genious scientist. He wasn't around much, but i knew he loved me.
I found Cobbs in the kitchen making Indian chicken, with secret recipes, for dinner. Cobbs full name was Henry Cobbs but i just called him Cobb's. Even though he cooked and drove us places, he was like family to us.
"Yumm." I smelled the chicken cooking.
"Ooo i know. Smells delicious doesn't it?" Cobb's turned to me.
"Almost done?"
He smiled, "Almost!"
I sat down on one of the bar stools. "Good."
"Soo, how are you and brandon doing?
I smiled. "Pretty good."
"Sounds like you guys are getting pretty serious." He raised his eyebrows."
"Yea, we are." I looked down at my nails.
"Sometimes thats not always a good thing, tho."
I looked back up at him. "Yea i know, but i mean me and brandon are fine moving fast. We're just so comfortable with eachother."
"I can tell. " Cobbs turned and got plates out of the cabinet.
Supper went be fast and it was delicious . I was gonna stay up late like always, since it was only ten, but i decided to go to bed early tonight. I washed my face and put my hair in a bun and threw one of brandons t-shirts on, that he lets me wear. I was about to crawl into my silky sheets when i noticed the branches on the tree outside my window were shaking an awful lot. I walked over to the window and looked down and saw Brandon shaking one of the branches.
I openned the window and looked out at him. "Are you trying to be romantic or something?"
He stopped and looked up. "No, but i thought this was the only way i could reach you."
"Well theres this thing called a cell phone and last time i checked, you had one."
"My stepdad took it away."
I raised my eyebrows. "Great. What did you do?"
He hesitated. "Can i come in?"
"Come on, Jess."
I smiled. "Fine i'll unlock the patio door, by my gymnastics room."
"Okay, thanks."
I ducked back in and shut the window and crept downstairs and unlocked the door.
Brandon came through the door, shut it and locked it before turning to me and gave me a big hug.
"Miss me already?" I laughed.
"Well, i'm gonna." He pulled back and looked at me.
"What did you get in trouble for?"
"My stepdad found my bag of pot." He said.
I just stared at him. "I thought you quit." I said after a minute.
"I did." He threw his hands in the air, "And it's not like i'm some big stoner! I'm not. I just got it for Kyles birthday."
I rubbed my hand over my face. "Okay well you cant be in that big of trouble if you were able to sneak out, so i'm sure this whole thing will just blow over soon, don't worry."
Brandon looked at me. " I was barely able to sneak out. I just knew that tonight was the only night to sneak out and see you before he puts flippin bars on my window."
"God, dang it, brandon." I sighed.
"And yea i am in that big of trouble. Such big of trouble that nate is sending me to my grandmas for the rest of the summer. That's about 2 and a half hours from here. And no phone."
I stared at him. "Your joking right?"
He sighed. "I wish i was."
I turned away from him and looked at the ground.
We stayed quiet for a little bit. Finally Brandon grabbed my arms and turned me toward him again.
"It's gonna be okay." He smiled at me.
"So your telling me. That i'm not gonna see you or even talk to you, until school starts again."
He nodded. "But it's gonna be okay. It's only a little less then two months."
I shook my head. "Brandon."
"Hey stop, Jess."
"Well what? We aren't gonna see eachother for two months Brandon." I looked in his eyes. "Are you sure our relationship can handle that?"
He rubbed my arm. "Yes. Of course it can."
"I don't know."
He grabbed my chin and looked at me. "It will. And i know this sounds really cheesy. But our relationship isnt like other peoples. I'm more happy with you then i've ever been. You have no idea how i felt when you kissed me at the fashion show and told me you wanted to be with me. It was the single greatest moment of my life. I've come this far with you and i'm not backing out now."
I stared at him. "Your right, that was really cheesy." I smiled. "But it was also the cutest and most romantic thing i've ever heard."
He laughed quietly. "We can do this, Jess. You know why?"
"Because i love you. And last time i checked you love me too." He gave me that half smile that i love so much.
I nodded and laughed. "I do. It's true."
He leaned down and kissed me. I wrapped my arms around his neck and tryed to enjoy what would be our last kiss till we see eachother in september.
After a few minutes i pulled away and looked up at him.
He smiled. "See you soon, beautiful."
He turned around and openned the door to leave. He was halfway out the door when i called his name. He turned around.
I smiled. "Promise me you won't find some other girl up there in hick ville."
He took a deep breath. "Sweetheart you don't ever have to worry about me cheatin on you or leavin you, 'cuz no other girl measures up to you."
I blushed as he waved and turned around and left. I stood there for a few more minutes in silence. This was gonna be a long summer.....


"Wow, your up early." My mom peeked her head through my bedroom door. A lock of her dirty blonde hair fell from her bun and curved around her high cheek bones and green eyes. Even though she's 35. She looked like she was about 20
I smiled. "Yea, i couldn't sleep."
"Excited for the first day of school?"
I bit my lip. "Yea, actually."
"Well, i hope you have a good day, see you after school." She closed my door.
It was the first day of school. First day of eighth grade. First day in two months that i get to see brandon. I hadnt seen or heard from him since that night he snuck over and told me i wouldn't see him for two months.
I finished my makeup and and curled my hair into soft waves that fell past my chest. I dressed in a white flowy mini skirt and a pink shirt. I strapped my feet into some wedges and i grabbed a cute, long, diamond heart necklace and put it around my neck. I wanted to look my best when i saw brandon.
I looked in the mirror one last time and headed down stairs.
"Well, don't you look hot." Cobbs raised his eyebrows. "Are you dressing for someone perhaps?"
I smiled. "Why yes i am."
"He's gonna take that first glance at you and all the feelings are gonna come rushing back to him and hes gonna remember how much he cares for you, and then you two will passionatley kiss and he will spin you around and around and never let you go" Cobbs handed me a cappucino.
I stared at him and blinked. "Have you been watching those sappy love movies again?"
"They're romantic."
I took the cappucino and turned to leave the kitchen. " See ya."
I was so excited. I felt like a little puppy, as i grabbed my handbag and went out the door. All i could think about on the bus was seeing brandon.
"So you and brandon huh?" Chrissy leaned forward and said to me.
I turned around. "Yea." And smiled.
"Finally. We all knew it was gonna happen someday." She giggled.
The bus ride went by and we pulled up to brandons stop.
I had a big smile on my face as the doors openned...

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