Mission: Middle School

A story based on my middle school life. I will start at the beginning of sixth grade on up to the present, beginning of seventh grade. I will not say the name of my school, so let's just call it "school". The names of my friends and teachers will be the same. I hope you enjoy. =).

Chapter 1

Spilled Milk and Smiling Faces

by: SydMarie
August 9th, 2010. First Day of Middle School
My alarm clock started chirping it's annoying tune at 6:45 A.M. Time to get up. I swing my newly-tanned summer legs out from under my silk blanket. The walk to the kitchen is torture. I take out a plain bowl and some Cinnamon Toast Crunch and start pouring the cereal. When I go to open the fridge, the grocery list on the door catches my eye. Milk is the first on the list, bold and underlined. Sure enough, there's no milk. So I pour the cereal back into the box and grab a hot fudge sundae PopTart. I take my time at the table to eat and remenisce about the past summer and think about the year ahead. I am determined to make middle school the best years of my life. And it starts today.

After breakfast, I head to my bedroom and slip on my first day of school outfit. A navy-blue V-neck Abercrombie & Fitch top, white Justice metallic lace cami underneath, a colorful ruffle skirt with blue accents, and some black flip-flops.

After getting dressed, I walked across the hallway to the bathroom that I share with my seventeen-year-old sister. She had already left for school, so I plugged in her old iHome and turned on the radio. I switch the Chi hair straightner on and brush my teeth. After the routine rinse and mouthwash, I brush my light brown hair that goes just past my tiny shoulders. My natural blonde highlights stand out more than usual since the sun has brought them out. It takes me about twenty minutes to perfect my hair. After another check to make sure I had no imperfections, I went out to my dad's car.

My transportation for school is kind of confusing. After I get ready at my dad's house, I get driven to my friend, Courtney's house. There, I hang out with her and her other friend, Aaliyah. At 8:30, we grab our bookbags and head up the street and wait for the bus. Then, we arrive at school.

To ensure a good entrance, I make sure Courtney and Aaliyah are at my side when we enter the front doors. Students flood in and take in the familiar smell of supplies and newly painted walls. I glance around the foyer, trying to find a familiar face, which I knew would be difficult since I transferred school districts.

After an unsuccessful attempt to find a smiling face, I continue to walk with Aaliyah and Courtney down the sixth grade stairs. They went their way and I walked into Mrs. Christman's homeroom....

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