Random things!

Random things, I'd like to repost! It's better to have it all together than creating a diffrent story for each. I won't always be the original writer so credit goes to the ones who actually wrote those things!!!

Chapter 1

We love you Fred! I'll never forget you!

by: Earia
In Memory of Fred Weasley
People are sad because Fred had died rather than Percy or others, but why sacrifice others for a more pain when Fred died doing what he loved?

If you support that Fred Weasley died a happy and unpainful death, repost. Most of you won't because you don't remember that Fred died with his last joke, he died doing something he loved. Fighting for his loved ones, and cracking a joke. So, if you honour Fred's memory at all, repost. Over 80% of you won't.

RIP Fred Weasley

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