Please Read. This Will Affect ALL Of You.

Not, it's not a rant :P. It's a video that I think will be interesting to everyone and it may open your eyes to how fast our world is growing around us.

Chapter 1

Did You Know?

by: Cinderkit
I was in Physics class yesterday and our teacher showed us this short, five minute video for a warm-up. It really opened my eyes and made me realize how much we, not just America, are growing and how much we have changed over the years. Here is the link to the video:

When it said on the video "China will soon become the NUMBER ONE English speaking country in the world.", I could tell my class was shocked, as was I. You may have heard someone around you joking about how China will soon take us over and we should all learn to speak Chinese. You may have laughed about it, but can we really say it won't happen? I showed this video to my sister earlier today and watched as her expression went from bored, to very serious. She obviously sees the problem and said she would show this to her friends. Sure, some of it is amusing, like at the end of the video where it says "694,000 songs were downloaded illegally" during the course of the video. :P I laughed at that Lol, but I strongly encourage you to pass this video around.

P.S. If you watched this video I am curious to read what you think of it down in the comments. :)


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