The Butterfly Project

A Poem

Chapter 1

The Butterfly Project

Flap your wings,
Fly away.
Find these things,
From another day.

Hide the marks,
Hide them well.
Hide the sparks,
That light up your night.

Lets fly away, fly so far.
Lets see the day,
When we show them who we truly are.

I'll fly away, fly so high.
I'll show them the butterfly,
This beautiful thing so happy and free,
This beautiful thing that is me.

Draw one, draw two.
One for me and one for you.
Don't do it or they'll die.
Don't do it and they'll fly.
Draw three, draw four.
On the other arm draw even more.
Their so lucky and free.
One for you and one for me.
Draw five, draw six,
Draw some on some sticks.
Draw them for you friends,
See these aren't pretends.
Draw seven, Draw eight,
Find others that relate.
Draw the butterflies for yourself and others
Draw them for your fathers and mothers.

This is what the butterflies mean,
To stop and get clean.
Draw the butterflies no matter what.
Draw them even when your in a rut.

I wont give upon myself just yet.
I wont give up on this bet.
I love these butterflies,
Forget about the failed tried.

This will help, I'm sure it will.
No matter what, remember what's real.

The Butterfly Project


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