Fred weasley love ( a James phelps love story)

This story is about James phelps ( who played Fred weasley) and you!!!!!!!! It's a love story!!!!!! Btw ur brother is Tom felton ( draco). You and Tom are twins,James and obviously Oliver are a year older then you,( your 14) the series is only on the third Harry potter movie,so far. Also David thewlis ( Remus lupin) Has been a family friend ever since you were born.

Chapter 1

Visiting tom

The plane starts to land. You feel a buzz of excitement.
" look out the window sweetie, there's England" your mom says
You look outside and more excitement fills you. When the plane lands your older brother A..J. Stands up and says
" finally!!!" you giggle a bit and also stand,your butt feels numb and your back aches, well you were on a plane for 12 hours. Your family wants to go to the hotel,but you really want to see your twin you get a cab to the Harry potter studio. When the cab pulls up you immediately see Tom and run to him
giving him a gigantic hug.
" Tom, I missed you sooooo much" you say
" I missed you too sis" he says. " let me show you around"
He grabs your wrist and leads you into the building. He introduces you to Daniel ( Harry) first. Then Rupert( Ron) Emma(hermione) and Bonnie( Ginny) you and
the Harry potter cast become immediate friends.
" i think I'm forgetting someone" Tom says.
Suddenly two brown haired boys come up behind tom.
" your forgetting us" they say together.
"ohh yea this is..." Tom got cut of by the taller one
" oliver phelps" he shook your hand " I play George" he says.
" and I'm James" says the cuter one. You shake his hand.
After a whole day of watching them shoot,you decide to go get some brownies and a smoothie at the snack bar. As your walking you think of james and remember how much of a joker he was throughout the day. You think you might have a crush on him. Suddenly as your drinking your smoothie someone taps your shoulder,you turn to see James.
"__, I was wondering if you would like to go out with me tonight" he says and your suprized at how shy he is being
" like on a date?" you ask happily
" only if you want it to be" he says and now your surprised at how polite this prankster can be.
" I would love for it to be, just pick me up at 5 at my hotel" you say
You begin to walk home.
You change into a nice T, and dark,skinny jeans. David ( Remus lupin) and your dad are talking in 5:15 James arrives,
" your fifteen minutes late and I'm upset for that" you say
James' eyes got big
" well..I...well"
" I'm just joking,you look great by the way" you say giggling
He sighs and says
" you look very beautiful"
" thank you" you say feeling yourself blush.
First you two ate out for dinner,you laughed and talked the whole are realign starting to fall for him. Next you end up at a lake. Lukily you both have your bathing suits on so you jump in. James finds a foam football and you to start play fighting in a flirty way for it. James puts his arms around you trying to get the ball and for some reason you two both freeze. You don't know why you did,but you felt so safe and loved in his arms. You two stare into each others eyes then slowly you lean in for what could be the most perfect kiss,then
cough cough you both look at what made the noise, David is standing on the beech with his eye brows raised
" it's 11:30 , you need to be getting home" he says to you. You stand in the water feeling akward for 3 reasons
1. Your infrount of David in a bikini
2. James has his arms around you
3. You were about to kiss imfrount of David
When you get back to the hotel david walks into your room leaving you and James alone in the hall.
" I'm really sorry" you say
" don't worry," James says " how about tomorrow you come to my hotel room, I can convince ,my mom to go out with Oliver for a bit, and Oliver says he has something for us , I have no idea what it could be though." you agree to go to his place tomorrow and as he is again about to kiss you, your dad and David stick their heads out the door, james obviously not being able to hold in his urge kisses you anyway on the cheek and says goodbye,that night you dream of James, you can't wait to see him tomorrow.
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