The Problem wih being ME- By Willow and Dante :)

Just some good Ol' fashion humour :)

Chapter 1

Sometimes I wish I were a cat...

- My gothic pet just left me to live with the dead
- My best friend thinks i'm a fugitive, he's giving me suspicious looks
- My teacher thinks I cheat, she wouldn't give me my test results back for 3 months
- My brother is tone-deaf, everything I talk, he yells, "HELP! IT BURNS, IT BURNS!"
- My sister is very judgmental, she thinks I'm a failure to human kind
- My mother doesn't know what sarcasm is, when I said I was going to be sick, she rushed off to get a bucket
- My father can't take a joke, when I said he looked like a monkey, he didn't stop crying for 2 weeks
- My cousin is really gullible, when I told him that the world was going to end, he locked himself in his room and wouldn't come out for 7 hours
- My uncle failed geography, I told him that we were going to Venice, he jumped up and down, squealing, "I've always wanted to go to India!"
- My aunty takes everything the wrong way,when I told her that the postwoman missed a delivery, she ran out the door crying
- My sister-in-law knows NOTHING about ANYTHING! When I told her we were going to watch Pokemon, she grinned and stared humming the Harry Potter theme song
- My brother-in-law doesn't know how to use a cell phone, when I told him to pick up, he literally picked the phone up, when I told him to cut it, he attempted to cut the phone with a pair of scissors
- My grandma doesn't like people who are taller than her, when I saw her in the mall and walked up to her, she ran after me with a baseball bat screaming, "FOR SHORTIES!" at the top of her voice
- My grandpa has short term memory loss, when i last visited him, he started calling me 'Twinkles' his dead GOLDFISH!


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