iTunes' Interpretation of My Life

iTunes' Interpretation of My Life

Another one of these, you use your MP3/music player of choice, put it on shuffle, and put the song and artist that comes up. I did not make this.

Chapter 1

Shuffle Time!

Put your ipod on shuffle and answer with the first song that comes up.

How would your friends describe you?
The City Is At War - Cobra Starship.

How would your family describe you?
Intelstat - Deadmau5.

What was your last relationship like?
Saint Veronika - Billy Talent.

What's the story of your life?
Retirement - Kaiser Chiefs.

The story of your parents' life?
Headslide First Into Coopstown On A Bad Bet - Fall Out Boy.

What's your future going to be like?
Overdraft - Deadmau5.

And your future boyfriend/girlfriend?
Sometimes I Fail - Deadmau5.

What's your current theme song?
Hi Friend! - Deadmau5.

What do other people think of you?
Omen - Prodigy.

What are you going to do this weekend?
White Sparrows - Billy Talent.

What are you going to dream about tonight?
Pocketful Of Dreams - Billy Talent.

How are you feeling today?
Satellite - Rise Against.

What major thing is gonna happen this year?

What mistake did you make in the past?
Guilty Pleasure - Cobra Starship.

What mistake will you make in the future?
Love's Not A Competition [But I'm Winning] - Kaiser Chiefs.

What's tomorrow gonna be like?
Waking Up From The American Dream - Deadmau5.


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