Her Knight And Shining Armor(true love story)

this is a true story! Of course i had stretched it out alittle but this is a story tht my grandmother told me, it is her story that i will tell you. i am not using any real names here. i replaced them with diffferent names. it take place in the 1940-50
Bella Andujar:15 yrs old
has a curvey body brown hair, hazel eyes. Gets abussed and she feels like she no 1 loves her (other information is mentioned in the story)

Chapter 1

A Boy?

"WHAT DO U CARE???!!!! U WOULDNT EVEN BE SAD IF I DIED TOMORRW!!!" i yelled as i banged the entry door to our house closed. i was pissed off at my mother. shes always been abusing me. i hate how she is. always treating me like im nothing, like im usless. 'UUUGGHHH' why cant she be kind. as i shook my head i sat down on the step infront of the house thinking.
I looked around and saw my mother, a woman with tan skin, bushy black hair and fierce brown eyes. Some times they didnt even look brown but as black as coal. She was in the kitchen cooking diner. i looked to my left and saw my 2 big brothers sitting on the floor playing a board game. i go into the kitchen and say "Ma im goin outside to sit on the porch" she looked up with those fierce eyes again, "why in the world are u going outside it isnt gud for a younge girl lik you to gert alot of sun itll go to ur head!" she sounded frustrated it might jst have been bcuz dads never home or she jst naturally doesnt lik me. "i want to get some fresh air. its to stuffy in this house." she walked around the counter and looked me up and down. I was wearing a long skirt and a button up polo shirt that ended alil birt above my waist. "And your goin out like tht? are you crazy! what will the people on the street say wen thy see your ugly self walkin round lik that! go back and changed before someone sees you and tries to r-pe you!" i just stare at her. Not moving a muscle. i sure as hell wasnt going to move or change and if i was goin to move i wasnt goin back to my room. she started to yell "WHAT ARE YOU DOING JUST STANDING THERE!!!????!!!! GO!!!!!!!!!!" i looked at her straight in the eye and said very calmly "why should I. you dnt really care if i get r-pe. you jst care what the town thinks of you" that last sentence was full of venom. this caused my brothers to look at me. My mother yelled again "YOU WILL NOT DISRESPECT ME LIKE THAT!!" And then she slapped me....HARD. i can still feel it on my cheek. "IF YOU WANT TO LOOK LIKE A SL*T FINE! GO OUTSIDE" I touched my face and started walking towards the door. "I WILL! WHAT DO U CARE???!!!! U WOULDNT EVEN BE SAD IF I DIED TOMORRW!!!"
Now im jst glad i could get out of there. Of course i wont leave the front yard, if i do thn i would get into big trouble with my brothers. i shivered at the thought. all asudden i jump as i her the dog bark loudly. i finally come out of my thoughts and really look around woundering what i shuld do for fun. then i notice the beer cans jst laying on the groud n wen i turn to look at my dads shed i see the tap. witch gave me an idea.
soon i had 2 crashed bottle cans tapped to my feet while i walk around the yard pretending to be a model, walking down a runway in high heels. suddenly i stop and see a boy. he was jst standing behind my fence, stareing at me. he had a lil nose, black hair and a dark tan. he looked about 16 or 17 years of age and very handsome i might add. i look up into his eyes and i felt lik i got lost in thm. soon i realise he was asking me something. "Arnt you alittle old to be doing tht?" he sounded so confident and full of himself. so i answered with my hands on my hips and say "Arnt you alittle old to b staring at me?!" he shrugs and takes a step towards me "Well actually know im jst 17 and from what i hear you Andujar's daughter so that would make you what? 15? or 16?"
"15 if u must know." i say sitting down on steps again to take off my cans. i was having a bit of trouble and thn he sat down next to me and said "here let me help" then jst started taking off the tap on my feet being careful not to hurt me. every time he touched my skin i felt a spark fly. i started to blush. soon he looks back up at me and smiles. i smile back not sure what to say since i was still feeling the shocks from his hands but luckily my brother calls for me, "TIME FOR DINNER BELLA! COME ON OVER HERE!" I stand up and he stands up as well. he says putting out his hand "Daunte, Daunte Garcia. it was nice to finally meet you Bella Andujar. i do hope we meet again" i shack his and smile saying "yes it was nice. and im pretty sure we will meet again. until next time." i smile and wink at him turning for the door thn look over my shoulder and say "oooo n thanks for the help" then i open the door to the house having the biggest smile on my face.

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