For the Good of All of Us- Version 2.0

I promised! so here ya go, Friends, Pokemaniacs, Countrymen! Let the Epic tale of Ember begin!

Chapter 1

Prolouge (because they are cool to write)

The boy left home at age fifteen, accompanied by one new friend and two old ones. He sped through challenges, having scoffed at Ghetsis' speech and N's prophecy, yet by the second gym, he had only three Pokemon to his name
Wilbur, his starter just level nine. Wilbur did not like to battle, and his Trainer thought him as a companion, not a battler.
Sparky the Blitzle, level twenty three. Reckless, but honest and loyal.
akane the Herdier, a quiet bookworm who knew the solution to the toughest of battles.
With his three Pokemon this Trainer, who always seemed to be drifting off, or a little antsy, managed to wipe the floor with Lenora's Gym, and get by most of the Plasma grunts that stole the Dragon Skull.
This story, as you have read before, is the HD version of Weakened Bond and For The Good of All of Us!
Thanks, and enjoy!

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