Everyone one of these people had no idea it was coming. No one was even aware there was a kidnapper on the loose. But why the 5 he chose? I mean they have nothing in common, they don't even live by each other, at all. But maybe, just maybe, they do have something in common.

Chapter 1

Jamie Lynn

by: AbbyDLove
Yes, there will be a chapter for everyone.

"Hey! Hmmm, no scratch that. Lemme start over. Hello Mrs.Colter. No... That's not right. Yo yo yo Coltmeista! Nah... oh well. Hi! Much better.

Heh, my name is Jamie Lynn, but please call me Jamie, I'm 12 year olds and I am UBER happy to be in Middle School! I also really love filling this stuff out! I'm a straight... well Sraight nothing! I get B's and A's maybe one C. But no way, not in Math! Math is my BEST subject. I'm really super talkative, and ALWAYS hyper! But hey, no shame in being fun, right?

I realy love pop and country music. Perfect to jam out to with buds, no? I'm huge on Katy Perry and Taylor Swift! Most people don't like them but I loooove them. Phew, i'm sure you don't want to read to much, plus my hand is getting tired. So, well that about raps it up!"

I placed my pencil down with releif. I nuged my friend and whispered to her. She giggled and we handed in our papers together.

"So are you coming to the mall with the gals tonight or what? Oh, and by the way it's like a rule you HAVE to bring your boyfriend, so I hope your precious little Jacob can come!"

"Yeah yeah, whatever." She responded jokingly. "Haha, I'll try to make it. But, you know I am soooo busy with all my fans and concerts I just don't know."

We both giggled. She is sooo funny, who is she? Why only my best friend in the whoolllllleeee world Hayley Watrud the amazing!

"Girls, please be quiet. I would hate to give you detention on the first day." Mrs.Colter replied snapishly. I rolled my eyes and smiled at Hayley. She just giggled back. The bell rang and we sprinted into the crowed of kids. I was basically running to get to my locker. I was being tossed around like an old ragdoll in the crowed of 6th graders. Once I finally managed to slither out of the crowd I saw the LAST person I wanted to see. Prissy Miss Tara Lewis. We had been enimes since... since.... since.... FOREVER! She was a lying, stupid, little brat! She walked over to me and smiled. But... it was a smile smile. Not a little bratty smirk, it was a legit kind smile. Ugh, she must've done something.

I opened my locker 26-43-15 I ripped of the lock and opened my locker. A note slid down and landed before me. I picked it up and uncrumpled it.

"Through the closet." What? Ugh, it must've been Tara trying to be funny. I just picked it up to throw away. Asignment notebook, binder, pencil, silent reading book! I had it all. I shut my locker and placed the lock back on.


I ploppped my stuff down on my desk. My shiver assigned desk. I hate assigned seating. I mean HE-LLO free country! Samantha put her stuff on the desk and sat down.

"Hello George." I said as she said with a smile.
"Omigosh! Jaaaaaaammmmmiiiieee, it's not funny anymooooorrreee!" she said exagerating EVERY single letter.
"Okay, whatever you say." I said and whispered jsut barely loud enough for her to hear "George." She shot me a look, a friendly look, but a look.

Social Studies....Ugh! Could there be a worse way to end the day. I watched the clock.... 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1!

Finally school was out!

Waiting.... at the mall. It was not fun. I mean, sure, I was 5 minutes early but COME ON, nobody else was early. I looked around. No body! I mean I was meeting like 7 people, one had to be early. Just one. No, no one was around. I decided to go check the bathroom, maybe someone was in there. I got up and walked into the bathrrom. Ugh, no one. I took a step out.

Someone grabbed me and put his had over my mouth. I was trying to wriggle out and scream, but I couldn't! No one was around here anyways. The guy pushed open the door with his back and dragged me out while I was still trying to wriggle free. everything was moving to fast. I passed out.

Right then. Right there.

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