My Best Friend's Boyfriend (Shane Dawson Love Story)

You'll know who the character is in the stoy :P

Chapter 1

Meeting Him

by: gallavich
"Hey, Molly, I saw on Facebook that you're in a relationship and I just wanted to know who and why you won't pick up the phone... Well, I have some news too and I needed to tell you, so call me back as soon as possible! Bye!" I said as pleasently as I could when Molly didn't pick up the phone... again. I sighed and collapsed onto my bed. I was exhausted from filming. I got a part in a horror film called Don't Tell and I was the lead. I had been filming all day and I just got home to find out that Molly was now in a relationship. Molly was my best friend. She was a little... ambitious. She always rushed into things. I felt my eyes get heavy, and I was half asleep when my phone rang.
'Hello, hello baby you called I can't hear a thing, I have got no service in my crib you see, see' Shane Dawson sang from my phone. It was my ring tone :P I answered it.
"Hello?" I said.
"Hey! You called earlier?" I heard Molly say. I sighed.
"Yeah, like 5 minutes ago. Well, who is he?" I asked.
"Who is who?" She asked, acting clueless. I rolled my eyes, even though she couldn't see.
"You're new boyfriend!" I assured her. I could tell she was smiling when she said
"Shane Dawson!"
"Really? You don't even like him! Why would you date him! When did you meet?" I was pelting questions at her. She eventually had enough.
"Ok, ok stop! I met him at the coffee shop! I talked to him and it just.. Clicked, you know?" She said, trying to make me understand. But I didn't. I never would. She didn't like his videos, and probably lied and said she did. She was probably only datig him because he was famous... ish?
"K, whatever." I said.
"Are you mad?" She asked, sadly.
"/Yes I'm mad! You don't even/ like his videos, and you are just using him for fame! Why would you do that to him? To me?!" I exclaimed angrily. I hung up before she could say anything. She always did this! She took what I liked, copied me, ended up not liking it, but then stole it from me because she wanted to have everything I wanted. I sighed and realized I had stood up while ranting. I plopped back down with a sigh, and shut my eyes, hoping to doze off. But, of course, it didn't work and I was left laying there thinking about what just happened. I sighed and flipped over so I was on my side. I curled up into a ball. Sighing, I got up and grabbed my script to run lines with myself. I got bored quickly and called my co-star, Adam Lambert (I was really excited :P)
"Hello?" I heard him say.
"Hey, Adam, it's Natalie. Wanna come to my place and run lines? I'm bored." I said. I heard him laugh.
"Sure. Being bored sucks." He said.
"Yeah, it does. So, come over now please." I added the last sentence after I thought for a bit.
"Alright. Be there in 5." He said. Honestly, he was my other best friend.
"Coolio." I said, then hung up. Just to tease him, I cranked my Adam Lambert CD. When the doorbell rang, For Your Entertainment was on. I went and answered it, and he heard his music.
"Really?" He asked laughing.
"Maybe." I said smiling.
"Do you know what you got into, can you handle what I'm bout to do, cuz its about to ghet rough for you. I'm here for your entertainment!" I sang as we walked upstairs. It was my favorite song, next to Telephone-Dude's version. I heard him laugh. We walked upstairs and sat in my two beanbag chairs. Mine was zebra print, his was black. I opened my script.
"Alright, um... Faith, you can't tell what has been happening to us to anyone." Adam said. I looked for my line, then cleared my throat.
"Kyle, you can't just tell me not to! Honestly, we have been getting attacked by a mental-patient serial-killer who has a knife!" I exclaimed.
"Just. Don't. Tell." He said angrily.
"This is why I live with my Rottweiler, german sheperd, and black lab." I said, which wasn't in the script. He laughed. As if on cue, my tree dogs came into my room. As soon as they saw Adam, they ran towards him, licking his face.
"Adam, this is Hades." I said pointing to me german sheperd.
"This is Zeus." I said, pointing to my rottweiler.
"And this is Poseidon." I said, pointing to my black lab.
"You must love the gods." He said laughing and petting Zeus' head.
"Yup. Anyway, back to the script." I said.
"Ok, erm... Oh, right we were here. Ahem I know that. All the more reason to keep quiet about it and not get other people involved." He said.
"But, he will just kill us, and then go kill more people! I can't live like this!" I exclaimed. He sighed in frustration.
"I know that, but if we kill him ourselves, we could get an award, be famous!" He tried reasoning.
"That's all you care about?! We could be risking lives! And all you care about is a stupid reward?! You know what? It's over!" I exclaimed as I had to get up and walk out.
"I'm bored. Wanna get some icecream?" Adam asked.
"Duh! Anything to get out of running lines." I said. He laughed, and we got out and got into his black Porsche convertible. We drove to Marble Slab.
"Hi, what can I get yo-" The dude at the counter trailed off when he saw me and Adam. I smiled.
"New york cheesecake with cookiedough and oreo sprinkle-things." I said.
"I'll just have chocolate." Adam said.
"You're no fun." I said to him. The guy got my icecream and started working on Adam's. I grabbed it and Adam got his. He payed and we went to the park to walk around.
"Gurrl, you know I need my excersise after this icecream." Adam said in his best ghetto voice.
"Boii, you know it!" I said in the same voice. We laughed. Then I heard that one sound. It was the laugh of none other than... Molly. My head snapped up from looking at my icecream.
"That's Molly's laugh." I said in a hushed tone.
"Let's be ninjas." Adam said. I laughed, and we went behind the wide tree and sied on her. She was with... SHANE DAWSON!! I almost screamed but Adam covered my mouth. I looked at him.
"Let's walk by casually." I whispered.
"Alright." He said smiling. We walked by casually, and I saw Molly.
"Oh, hey Molly!" I said in a pleasent voice.
"Hey, Natalie!" She said. Shane just sat there with his mouth open.
"Dude, close your mouth you'll catch flies." I said to him.
"You're Natalie Defur!" He exclaimed.
"Last time I checked." I said. I turned to Adam.
"Let's go, Adam! We still need to finish running lines. Ugh." I said, and he rolled his eyes.
"Whyyyy?" He whined.
"Don't make me." I warned him. Then my phone rang.
"Hello, hello baby you called I can't hear a thing, I have got no service in my crib you see, see." My phone sang. I sighed and answered it.
"Hello?" I said into the phone.
"Hey." I heard Adam say. I looked at him.
"Why exactly did you call me when you are right next to me?" I asked.
"To hear your ringtont. I like it." He said. I rolled my eyes.
"Ok, let's just go. Bye Molly." I said.
"Alright. Cya peepz." Adam said.
"Bye." Molly and Shane said at the same time.
I didn't realize it, but I was in love with Shane the first time I saw him.


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