Awesome quotes by awesome people

Just some quotes from my family and friends

Chapter 3

My weird parents O.o

Mom and I were rewatching Sorcerer's Stone after we just saw DH part 2.
Mom sees Fred and George
Mom: Oh my gosh its Fred and George! I love them when they were little!
Me(mumbling so she can't hear me): No need to use a little girl voiceand I don't think they were ever little(because they were taller than everyone else, pretty much).

Me: Can we get donuts?
Mom: Ok. I hope they have pudding!
Me: Did you just quote Luna?
Mom: Yes

Mom, Dad, and I were watching the homerun derby. Mom and Dad had seen Half-Blood Prince for the first time earlier that day.
Dad: Why does David Ortiz have so many tattooes? Does he not have nice skin?
Me(feeling awkward): I don't know Dad.
Dad: He must not have nice skin. You know, Ginny has nice skin.
I didn't say anything but I was hoping that I didn't hear him correctly.
Mom: Hermione has nice skin, too!
I just sat there, hoping that they were just making a Harry Potter reference and not actually meaning it.

My brother's friend had just passed out and the firemen were checking her out, making sure she was ok. Dad was watching one of his car shows.
Dad: Hey Michelle! Look its a small block Chevy!
Me: I don't think she cares. Or knows what that is.
Dad: Well, its on the tv!

Daniel had texted Dad if he got me from my friend's house because he and Mom were driving home from a college visit.
Daniel: Did you remember to get Liz?
Dad: Liz?! Oh crap be right back!

Then Michelle had passed out, Dad, Daniel, Hunter(Daniel's friend), and Michelle all failed to tell me and Mom, who was running arrands(sp), that Michelle passed out. We come home and find a fire truck and ambulance in the drive way.
Mom: Why didn't you tell us?!
Dad walks into the room.
Dad: I guess we should have called y'all.

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