Awesome quotes by awesome people

Just some quotes from my family and friends

Chapter 2

My brother Daniel =D

Daniel sneezes
Me: Bless you
Daniel:You're welcome.
Two minuets later
Daniel: Did I mess that up?
Daniel: Crap

Rachel: My half sister---
Daniel(to me): She has half a sister?
Rachel: Liz, what'd he just say?
Me: "She has half a sister?"
She just glares at Daniel.

Daniel and I are on a video chat with Rachel, his girlfriend.
I just found some Bugels(sp) in his room.
Me: Why do you have these in your room?
Daniel: So everyone won't steal them!
Rachel starts glaring at Daniel
Daniel: Will you stop glaring at me! You glaring daggers at me! Its so creepy!
Rachel: Liz, am I glaring at him?
Me: No
Daniel shuts the computer closed.
Me: Daniel!! Be nice! She has the horses!

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