I'm in love with a Guy named Death the Kid

so yeah i found this anime called soul eater it is awesome and well yeeah i espiacially like Deah the kid who is obsessed wit everything being symmetrical. so yeah i will make a sequel and everything.

Chapter 1

I am at DWMA

I walked into the Acedamy. releived to find it symmetrical perfectly. i started seeing people and tried not to pay attention to their faces so i wouldn go nuts with the imperfections. i was about to walk into a class room when i see a boy with three white stripes on one side of his head. i as angered by the imbalance of it all. But i noticed he would correct anything that was imperfect. i realized he had the same obsession as me. i smiled a little. people dont normally like me because of the fact of my obsession. i realized how, unlike his hair, perfect he really was. his clothes were perfectly strait and in balance and he always had his weapon partners stand equally apart. suddenly i ealize i am staring at mhim and blush. then worry if my blush was perfectly even. i looked up to find he was staring right at me as well. he had stopped alarming his partners. i was a weapon myself. i was all different types ofblades imaginable. so i have many forms. i was going to the death room later to find out my assigned partner. i was really worried hoping they would be just right. i saw i ad drooped my pencil the way it landed had made both me and the by in front of me distressed. it was laying lopsided and broken un evenly i moved down making sure my posture was perfect and the nxt thing i knew he was right beside me helping me make my pencil even before i threw it away. i sighed in relief that the problem was fixed quickly before i realized he was staring at me. "what?" i said evenly of course. "you..." he trailed off. it annoyed me bacause the word was not even his voice had shaken a little and i wanted to somehow fix it. i had always had this obsession and it drove my whole family crazy. they had also teased me by leaving everything in their wake a mess. the house was always clean the food always evenly cooked. everyone thought that was one of the few perks that came with my obsession. they would always say "jules the couch is uneven again!" i would keep myself from screaming and go to fix until i realized hey were teasing me. i had realized i missed the bell when i came back to reality. i was so furieated that my timeing was so out of balance. "i got to wait another minute before i leave." i mumbled. he nodded realizing i was very obsessed and he smiled a perfectly alined smile. i smiled back trying to imitate his smile but i failed and burst out cryingknowing i couldnever be as perfect as he was. i sucked it up and turned around and started heading towards class when i was called to the death room along with death the kid. i cocked my head wich i very little do wondering who he was i turned around to say good bye to the boy but he was gone. i started heading to what i thought was the direction of the death room perfectly strait.

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