So I may be deleting...

Chapter 1

D8 Wolfy, say it isn't true!

...this account and making a new one.

Scared ya, didn't I?

Okay, so this account has become so cluttered and messy. I have too many friends who I dont even talk to, or read they're stories, or take their quizzes. So I think I'm going to make a new account for JUST my friends (people who read my stories, people I actually talk to.)

Its just... I dont get on much anymore. I've taken a liking to DeviantArt. I've been on this site for almost three years now, and I've noticed that more and more younger kids have been getting on, and as a fifteen-year-old who craves mature conversation, this is discouraging.

I'm really working at trying to get my writing out there, because I've realized that this is what I want to do for the rest of my life.

I've got a few more chapters of Little Red, and Dreamcatcher. I'll post those on the new account once I get everything transferred. My name is likely to be "Wylderwolf" or something like that. I'll link you all to it when I get it made :)


Almost two months ago, I realized my feelings for one of my very best friends. Its... Well, its a girl. After a painful month of pining after her, and longing for her, she's finally mine. I love her more than anything. We're writing a story on Deviantart called Whiskers, if you guys would be so kind as to check it out :) Its got some more mature content, not for my younger fans (sorry, guys!) Its also very prominently gay. There are seriously more homosexual couples in it than hetero. Major Lawls.

I've started high school. And I think the seniors are TRYING to squish us freshman.

But things are pretty good, despite the provocative homophobia I've encountered so far ("AMG, LESBIANS!") But, other than that, life seems to be pretty good. Sorry I havent posted in forever :( I've probably lost all of your guy's attention... Comment, please, if you still read what I write and if we talk to each other. I dont want to lose any friends :')


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