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This is a Sirius Black love story. I know,there's so many. Profile:Izzabella Lupin. Straight black hair,light blue eyes,with tan skin. Facts:Remus Lupin's sister. She can be very angry at little things at times. She's also very smart,like her brother. But she also is a very big prankster.She's friends with many people,except with Sirius Black. She hates him. Animagus:A wolf.

Chapter 36

We Got Caught...Great!

~Past Continued Yet again~

"Who wont find out what?" said a very familiar voice, and I turned to see...

"Professor McGonagall!" Sirius and I said in surprise, shocked to find her out here.

"What were you two doing out here all alone hm?" McGonagall said, eyeing Sirius and I suspiciously.
"We were just walking around Professor!" I said, tilting my head and giving her a closed eye smile.
McGonagall huffed. "Is that so? Why did you two decide to walk out here alone? And at such a late hour?"
"U-Um...We...We wanted to see the constellations! Right Sirius?" I answered, nudging Sirius with my shoulder.
"Y-Yeah! The constellations!" Sirius said, nodding.
"Hm....I can see Lupin here would love to see the constellations, but you Black? Since when? Last time I heard, you were failing Astronomy." McGonagall said.
Sirius gulped. "Um...Izzy's trying to get me into that stuff and decided to start tutoring me?"
"Ms. Lupin, is that true?"
"Yes Professor." I said with a nod.

"Ah. Well, it's getting far too late for st- Ms. Lupin, what is that? " McGonagall said abruptly, pointing at my neck.

I instantly looked down and noticed my scarf had loosened, making the hickey I had visible.

"U-Um......I....Siri.....U-Uh....Um...." I said, not knowing at all how to answer to that.

"Lupin, Black. My office. Now." McGonagall said, grabbing Sirius' and my ears and storming off to the castle, Sirius and I yelping in pain.

~McGonagall's Office~

"I can't believe you two lied to me! I could see it coming from Black here, but you Lupin!? One of my favorite students!? I am just simply very dissapointed in you!" McGonagall said angrily.

~Present Day~

"I felt very ashamed of myself after she said that. Hearing McGonagall say she was dissapointed in me hurt badly. I looked up to her. She was like another mother to me." I said sadly.
I then suddenly realized that Remus never did find out about the whole hickey thing. I looked up at him and grew a bit wide eyed.

Remus was glowering at Sirius, anger written over his face. Yeah, Sirius and I were married already and we were all adults now, but he still is way over protective of me.

"So Sirius....You gave my little sister a hickey!?" Remus said angrily, spitting his words out angrily at Sirius.
"N-Now Now Remus....We were stupid kids back then remember? We're adults now...So we should behave like adults." Sirius said, hoping Remus would calm down and not turn him into a pulp.
"Don't you use my lines on me!" Remus said, standing up.
"Remus, don't start a fight over something from the past." I said, frowning and crossing my arms.
Remus frowned at me and stood there for a moment, then sat back down and just stayed quiet.
Sirius sighed in relief and smiled a bit as I smiled up at him and took his hand in mine.

"You're still really overprotective of Izzy aren't you Remus?" Hermione said, looking at the grumpy Rem.
"Yes, yes I am. She's still just a defenseless little girl in my eyes that I have to protect. She's my little sister." Remus replied with, sighing.

I smiled a bit. "Rem, you don't have to worry so much about me. I'm fine."
"I know...I know..." Remus said, smiling a tiny bit at me.

"Well, onward with the story?" I said.
"Yes!" Ron and Harry said.
"Alright! So..."


I sat there in the seat, not wanting to look up at McGonagall.

"Well Lupin? Aren't you going to say something?" I heard her say, but I stayed quiet.

I didn't know what to tell her. I truly didn't. Yeah I would get in trouble a lot, but not in this kind where I couldn't get out of the punishment.

Sirius let out a sigh. "Professor, it was all my fault. I'm really sorry for getting Izzy into this mess. It really is my fault."
I stayed quiet, out of words really.

McGonagall stayed quiet for a bit, then replied. "Well then. I shall give you both one warning for now, but the next time this sort of thing happens and I catch you two, you both shall be in serious trouble. Understood?"
"Yes Professor." Both Sirius and I said.

As soon as McGonagall let us go, Sirius and I zoomed out of her Office and ran back to the Common Room.


Authors Note:

Hey guys! Been a while huh? I am so sorry I haven't been able to update on any of my stories lately! I really am! I'm going to try and start updating faster like I used to!
I hope you guys liked the chapter. :) You guys didn't expect it was McGonagall huh? xD
Haha! Well, I must bid you farewell readers. :) Goodbye! See ya next time!
Mischief managed~ Izzy

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