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This is a Sirius Black love story. I know,there's so many. Profile:Izzabella Lupin. Straight black hair,light blue eyes,with tan skin. Facts:Remus Lupin's sister. She can be very angry at little things at times. She's also very smart,like her brother. But she also is a very big prankster.She's friends with many people,except with Sirius Black. She hates him. Animagus:A wolf.

Chapter 3

Houses and a hat

~Present Day~
"Did Peter have a crush on you or something!?"Ron asked, staring at me with wide eyes. "Sadly, yes. But he got over it after a while. Thank goodness for that!" I said. "Wait, Hagrid worked at Hogwarts when you guys started attending?"Harry asked. "Yes, Hagrid was game keeper when we attended."Said Remus. "We never knew that."Harry said. "So, I'm guessing you weren't friends with Harry's mum?"Hermione said. "Well, not at first. But after second year she and I became very close. Yeah, we would talk during first and second year, but we were more of acquaintances, not really friends."I explained. "Now where was I....oh yes! There was a young woman.....

"Welcome to Hogwarts. Now, in a few moments you will pass through these doors, and join your classmates." said the young woman. "I am Professor McGonagall. I am both teacher of Transfiguration and Head of Gryffindor House. Now, before you are sorted into your houses,which are Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw, and Slytherin, you must understand that you are to treat your house and fellow students as your family. Now, if you please, follow me." she said, walking through the large doors. We followed her into a hall that contained four long wooden tables that were being used by many people. In the front of the hall, there was another table, that had eleven chairs behind it. "Oh wow...."I heard Remus say, he was looking up at the ceiling. I wondered what he was wowing about. So I looked up, and I gasped again. Instead of it being a regular boring ceiling, it had the night sky on it. It looked like you could see through the ceiling. Bright white stars were scattered everywhere over a black sky. And the moon looked like a sliver of yellow. Suddenly,everyone stopped walking. "The ceiling is beautiful. Don't you think guys?"I said, still gazing at it. "Yeah..."said Sirius. As soon as we had stopped,we started hearing names being called. It took a while for Professor McGonagall, who was calling out names, to go through the A's. Soon, we got to the B's. I only knew this because I heard "Black,Sirius" being called. Sirius started walking towards Professor McGonagall and the Sorting Hat. The Sorting Hat looked like a regular, old, hat. Till it sang. Sirius sat down on the stool that was next to McGonagall. She then placed the hat on Sirius's head. The hat was only on his head for a couple of seconds, when it yelled out,"GRYFFINDOR!". The boys and I clapped hard. Sirius got up from the stool, handed McGonagall the hat, and went towards one of the tables that had a Banner hanging over it saying "Gryffindor". We soon passed threw the B's,C's, and D's.Soon we were in the E's. "Evans,Lily" Suddenly, I saw a red headed girl walk up to the stool. She was the same girl from the train. She sat down on the stool. The hat barely touched her head,when it yelled,"GRYFFINDOR!".She stood up and ran toward the Gryffindor table. I was so caught up with talking, that I hardly noticed when McGonagall said,"Lupin,Izzabella". "Izzy, it's your turn."Remus said, poking me on the shoulder. "Oh!Thanks Rem!"I said,running forward. I went toward McGonagall and quickly sat on the stool. McGonagall placed the hat on my head. "Hmm....Smart,Loyal,Brave.....yes,you have every characteristic for all of the Houses........you belong in.....GRYFFINDOR!"the hat shouted. I couldn't believe it, i was in Gryffindor. I stood up,ran towards the Gryffindor table, and sat right next to Sirius. I caught a glimpse of James and Remus clapping for me. "Lupin,Remus." I heard, and I saw Remus go up the steps toward McGonagall. He sat on the stool,and waited for McGonagall to place the hat on is head. She slipped it on, and suddenly, the hat yells,"GRYFFINDOR!" Right when I heard that hat yell Gryffindor, I ran up and attacked Remus with a huge bear hug! "We're in the same house!"I said, grabbing his arm and running him toward the table. He sat next to me,and I sat next to Sirius. we then waited for James and Peter to get sorted. Both were also put into Gryffindor! After the sorting, our Headmaster Dumbledore gave a speech:
"Welcome! Welcome to a new year at Hogwarts! Before we begin our banquet, I would like to say a few words. And here they are: Nitwit! Blubber! Oddment! Tweak! Thank you!"
After that fascinating speech, he waved his wand. And in front of us,food and drinks began to appear out of no where. We all started eating. After a while,I got full, so i stopped eating. "Are you full already?"asked James, looking up from his piece of cauldron cake. "Yeah, I am." "But you barely ate anything!?"Sirius said, finishing his third piece of cake. "I know. I'm not like James and you, who eat till they're stuffed."I said,looking at Sirius and James,who still had some cake in their mouths. After we all finished eating, we followed our Head Boy to our common room. We had to tell this portrait of a large woman,called "The Fat Lady",a password to get through to the common room. "The password this year is Wattlebird."said the Head Boy. As soon as he said the word, the portrait swung open. We all walked into a room that had walls covered with Scarlet tapestries that had people and strange creatures on them. I looked around the room and noticed it was filled with many squashy maroon armchairs, some wooden tables, and a bulletin board on the wall. There were also two large windows overlooking the Hogwarts grounds, there was also a fireplace in the middle of the windows taking over the whole wall. "This is so cool."I told the guys,who were walking towards the chairs that were in front of the large fireplace. I walked over, and sat in the middle of Remus and James. We all stayed there for a while talking of what we were going to do tomorrow. We had two days to have fun before we started our classes. I started falling asleep, resting my head on my brothers shoulder. "You should go to your room and rest."Remus whispered in my ear. "Okay."I yawned,getting up. "Goodnight guys."I walked towards the staircase that led to the Girl's Common Room and slowly went up. I opened the door to find everyone in there was asleep. I noticed that Athena was fast asleep on a bed that was in the far right corner of the room. I also noticed that my things were also on the bed. I walked over, took my things off the bed, placed it on the floor near my bed, and climbed into the covers. I soon fell fast asleep.

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