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This is a Sirius Black love story. I know,there's so many. Profile:Izzabella Lupin. Straight black hair,light blue eyes,with tan skin. Facts:Remus Lupin's sister. She can be very angry at little things at times. She's also very smart,like her brother. But she also is a very big prankster.She's friends with many people,except with Sirius Black. She hates him. Animagus:A wolf.

Chapter 2

A Train ride full of surprises

~Present Day~
"Wait,why did you guys get your letters late?"asked Hermione. "Well,I'm guessing it took Dumbledore a while to get everyone else to agree with letting me go to Hogwarts."Remus explained. "My dad bought you a snitch?"Harry asked. "Yes,he did."I said. "What happened to it?Where is it?" "I have it right here."I said,pulling out a little,red,pouch. "I always have it with me."I handed it to Harry so he could see. He took it out and gazed at it. "Now,where was I?"I asked Sirius. "You were at the part where you fell asleep." "Oh yeah! Now I remember!Okay...."

"Izzy,dear,it's time to get up. Or else your going to miss the train."mum said,packing my things in a trunk. "Hmm...oh yeah! Today is the day Remus and I go to Hogwarts!"I exclaimed,remembering it was already September 1. It had been a week since Remus and I got our supplies from Diagon Alley. I quickly got out of bed,and began looking through my dresser for clothes. I picked out my white Aerosmith T-shirt, navy blue jeans,and my dark brown knee-high boots. I went to the bathroom, took a shower,changed into my clothes, brushed my teeth, and put my hair up in a long ponytail. "Hey mum,have you woken up Remus yet?"I asked,getting out of the bathroom. "No dear. Can you go wake him up for me while I pack your things?"she said. "Okay!" I ran towards Remus's room. I quietly opened the door,sneaked in,and thought of a way to wake him up. "I know!"I said to myself. I tip toed all the way to his bed,and right when I was about to scream bloody murder,he said,"If you scream,i'm going to kill you." "Awww, you always ruin the fun." I said,sitting on the side of his bed. "Well,mum told me to wake you up. Because we have to get ready to leave in a couple of hours."I told him. "I already packed."He pointed at a large trunk that was in the corner of his room. "Okay, i'm going to go tell mum your all set."I said,walking towards the door. I went towards my room,told my mum Remus was ready,got my sketch book and a pencil,and left for the kitchen. When I got there,I walked to the back door,and went outside. It was a gorgeous day today. The sun was high in the sky, no clouds in sight,everything nice and green. I walked toward the Willow tree we had. I sat under it's shade.I looked around,absorbed the scenery, and began to sketch the backyard. By the time I was finished,it was time to go. Our dad was going to come with us,but couldn't because of work. We decided to use Floo Powder to get to King's Cross Station,where the Hogwarts Express was stationed. I didn't really like using Floo Powder,it would usually give me headaches. But it was the fastest way to get there. When we reached the station, I heard someone yell my name out. I looked around to look for the person who yelled my name, and saw a boy with very messy hair and glasses running towards Remus and I. I recognized that messy haired boy as my best friend James. "James! How are you!?"I said,hugging him tight. "I've been great! How have you and Remus been?" "We've been really great James!" Remus said, hugging James as well. "So, this must be Mr.James Potter."said mum,smiling at the three of us. "Hello Mrs.Lupin. It is a pleasure to meet you."James said, with a very elegant bow. "Well,Izzy,Remus,you never told me what a gentleman Mr.Potter was."mum said,shaking James's hand. "We didn't know."I whispered to Remus.We both tried holding back our laughter. After meeting Mr. and Mrs.Potter,we got our luggage and went into the train.James,Remus and I said good bye to our parents, and started looking for a compartment. We found an empty one at the very back and put our things in the luggage rack. Remus sat in the seat on the right. Next to the window. James sat on the left of Remus. And I sat on he left seat. I looked out the window,and saw the city becoming smaller and smaller. I suddenly felt a lump in my throat. It was going to be a while till I could see my parents again. Suddenly, I heard knocking on the door of the compartment. "Come in." I said. The door opened,and in stepped a boy with long,shaggy,black hair and silver grey eyes. "Can I sit here with you three."he said,looking at me. "I guess you can. I'm Izzabella Lupin. And that is my brother Remus, and my friend James Potter."I said,pointing at who was who. "I'm Sirius.Sirius Black."he said,raising his hand. I got out of my seat and said "It's nice to meet you Sirius..."I stopped abruptly. Instead of shaking my hand as I thought he would,he raised it to his lips and pressed them on my hand. I could feel my face flush red. "Um...okay then."James said.staring at us. Remus wasn't really staring at Sirius,he was glaring at him. You see,even though i'm 11,and i'm capable of taking care of myself,Remus is over protective of me. It get's really annoying at times. I sat back down on my spot,and went straight to staring out the window. I could see my reflection through the window. I noticed I was still bright red. Sirius placed his things on the luggage rack and sat right next to me. He started talking to James and,surprisingly,Remus. Who started becoming friends with him. They started talking about all these weird things. And then they started asking about what house they wanted to be in. Suddenly,we heard two sets of footsteps walk towards our compartment. And then,the door opened,and in came a girl with very bright red hair,and eyes a very beautiful shade of green. And behind her,was a boy with black,greasy hair and a hooked nose. "Hello!I'm Lily Evans! And this is my friend Severus Snape."she said,pointing at the boy behind her. I introduced all of us,and we went back to talking about what house we want to be in. "I want to go to Gryffindor! But I would be okay with Ravenclaw."I said."How about you Remus?" "Same here."he said,finally looking up from the book he started reading a while ago. "Where are you going if you have the choice?"Sirius asked James."Gryffindor, where dwell the brave at heart! Like my dad... Got a problem with that?"he said."No. If you'd rather be brawny than brainy..."whispered Severus. "Oh, I see someone does have a problem with it."Sirius said,glaring at Severus. "Where would you go if you could choose?"Sirius asked Severus. "Slytherin." "Um,how about you Lily,where would you go?"I asked her."Oh!Um,well all of them sound like great houses to me."she said,staring at Sirius,Severus,and James. "How about you Sirius?"I asked him. He took his eyes off of Severus, and looked into my eyes. "Gryffindor."he said. "My whole family has been in Slytherin.So I decided on trying to break that tradition."Oh.Okay."I said,getting lost in his eyes for some reason. After a few seconds,James and Sirius decided on being very rude toward Severus calling him "Snivellus".I thought it was hilarious, Remus was lost in his book again, and Lily was very angry. After a few seconds of her shouting at us, she grabbed Severus's arm,and stomped out of the compartment. "Wow,we really got her angry."I said,looking at the guys. We started talking a little while later. Till we heard another knock on the compartment door. "Come in."said James. He looked disappointed when a boy with mousy brown hair, and watery blue eyes walked in. "He-he-llo."he stuttered. "I-i'm Peter Pettig-g-grew. Could b-be here with y-you guys?" "Uh, sure."I said. He suddenly started gazing at me. I introduced everyone to him. Like all the seats were taken, he had to stand up. When I looked at my watch,i noticed it wouldn't be long till we got to Hogwarts. "Hey,we should all get dressed in our uniforms,we're going to be there soon."I told them. I got up from my seat and stood up on it to get my things. Suddenly, I could here people laughing. "All right,what's so funny!?"I said,getting down with my uniform in one hand. "The way Peter looks at you!"said James,trying so hard not to burst out laughing.I could feel my face turn red again. I glanced at Peter quickly, and noticed he was red too. I jumped off my seat and quickly walked out of the compartment. I found the dressing room,changed into my uniform,and walked out. I started walking back to the compartment only to hear them STILL laughing. "You guys are so immature."I said, passing James and Sirius too get to my seat. We waited the for a while till the train slowly stopped at a platform. We all got out of the train quickly,excited to have a glimpse of Hogwarts. "First years this way!"said a very tall man from in front of us.He was probably more than 10 feet! "Come on now, all yeh head over ter the boats."he said,pointing the way to a path that led all the way to boats that were waiting for all of us. "Five ter a boat!"he yelled over the noise we were making. "What boat should we get on?"James asked. "I guess we could use this one."I suggested,pointing to a boat that was in front of us. "Okay."said Remus. Remus and Peter decided to sit in the back row,James and Sirius in the middle row, and I sat at the very front row. Soon, the very tall man came over to our boat and said,"Okay, you four,here are some oars."He handed the boys each an oar. "And you get ter hold the lantern."He handed me a long wooden pole that had a lantern at the very top. "Okay.." I said,looking at the lantern. When everyone was ready, we all started heading towards the castle. After at least an hour, I could start seeing land coming nearer and nearer. "Come on guys,were getting there!" I told the boys,who were looking very bored,and tired,of rowing. We ended up being the tenth boat to get to land. Remus and Peter were the first ones out of the boat. James followed, and the Sirius. I was the last one to get out. "Do you need help Izzy?"asked Sirius. "Nah, I can make it out by myself. But thanks for asking."I said,getting out of the boat with caution. "See, I can do it."I told Sirius,with a smirk. We started following the rest of the first years that were heading toward a beautiful castle.It had two magnificent open doors in the front. We all started walking through them. When we were inside, I gasped. The castle was decorated with thousands of paintings that could move! And there were also tapestries on the walls as well as paintings. There was a stone staircase in front of us. And standing on the very top,was a young woman in dark green robes waiting for us.

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