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This is a Sirius Black love story. I know,there's so many. Profile:Izzabella Lupin. Straight black hair,light blue eyes,with tan skin. Facts:Remus Lupin's sister. She can be very angry at little things at times. She's also very smart,like her brother. But she also is a very big prankster.She's friends with many people,except with Sirius Black. She hates him. Animagus:A wolf.

Chapter 1

12 Grimmauld Place

"SIRIUS!GIVE THOSE BACK!"I yelled at him. "NO!"he yelled back. I ran as fast as I could. I finally caught up with him and tackled him. "What is going on here?"said my brother Remus,looking at both Sirius and I. "Gosh,you two are adults. You should behave like adults."he said,helping me get up. "We were just having a little fun Remus."said Sirius,with his charming smile on his lips. "Yes,Sirius,I was having the time of my life."I said with sarcasm in every word. "What's wrong?! We heard yelling,so we came down to see what happened."said Harry,coming down from the staircase with Ron and Hermione at his heels. "It was nothing Harry,dear,just your godfather here won't give me back my photos."I said."Oh.Wait,photos?What photos?"Hermione said,her eyes twinkling with curiosity. I sighed,"Old photos of when I and the rest of the Marauders were in Hogwarts." "Could we see them?"asked Ron. "I guess so."I said. I went toward the kitchen and sat at the very edge. "Sirius,now can I please have my photos back?"I said. "Okay,my love."he said,making me blush. Even though i'm so used to that. "Here you go."I said,handing the photos to Harry. "Wow,is that my parents?" "Yes,Harry,that there is Lily and James. But as you can see,your mum doesn't look too happy with your dad."I said,looking at the photo and remembering the old days. "Whoa,what happened to her?"said Ron,looking at a photo of a girl in front of a lake. She was all wet. "Ask Sirius." I said. "Oh!I remember that day. Sirius got you so angry!"said Remus,looking at the photo. "One of my best pranks!"said Sirius. "Oh really?"I said, punching him playfully in the arm. "I would like to here the story behind how you to got together. In these photo,it looks like you two didn't get along."said Harry. "Oh Harry,you sure you guys want to hear the story,it's quite a long one."I told him. "We have all day."Ron said. "Okay....Hmm,where should I start."I said,trying to figure that out in my head. "Maybe you should start when we first got our letters."Remus suggested. "Yeah,I should!Okay,so.......

"Remus! Get up!"I yelled. "Aaaaaagh! What's wrong!? What happened!?"he said,looking around the room. "Nothing happened silly head!I said,looking at my crazy brother. "Well then why did you wake me up!?"he yelled looking a little angry. "Because it's 1:30. And,because we got these!" I said,throwing an envelope at him. "Who are they from?"he asked. "Just read the letter inside it."I sighed. "Wow....it's from Hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry! And I got in!"he yelled in surprise. "So did I!"I yelled too.
I left Remus's room for him to get dressed. I went to the kitchen and made myself some oatmeal. "Good morning dear."said my mum,coming back inside from the garden we had. "Good morning mum."I said,smiling at her. "Did you give your brother his letter from Hogwarts yet dear?"she asked. "Yeah,I just gave it to him."I said."Where's dad?"I asked suddenly,noticing he wasn't sitting in his usual spot at the table. "He went to work early dear."mum said,glancing at the spot where he usually sits. "Good morning mum."Remus said,while he went down the steps. "Good morning sweetheart."said mum. "When are we going to go get our supplies for Hogwarts mum?"I asked. "Tomorrow. Because you two got your letters late."she said. "Yes! I can't wait!"I said,getting up form the table. "Come on Remus! Let's go outside!"I said,grabbing Remus's hand. "Hold on! I haven't even had Breakfast yet!"he said,stumbling out of his chair. "That's your fault!"I said. "Mum!"he said. "She is right Remus."she said,while washing some dishes. "Ugh."
~Next day~
"Izzy! Get up!"Remus yelled,jumping up and down on my bed. "No!"I yelled back,throwing my pillow at him. "If you don't get up soon,we're going to go to Diagon Alley without you." "What!? Where going now!?"I said,starting to get up.
"Wow......."I gasped,looking around at the extravagant shops that were in Diagon Alley. "Can we go get our wands first!?"I said excitedly. "I guess so."said mum. She handed us each our money. "Come on Remus!"I said,grabbing his arm and trying to pull him toward a shop called "Ollivanders Wand Shop". Remus went up to the door and held it open for me to enter. "Thank you Rem."I said. He's such a gentleman at times. It drives me insane. I walked in,and gasped. Surrounding a long wooden counter,were thousands upon thousands of shelves that were filled by little colorful cases. "Um,hello?Mr.Ollivander?"I said. "Good day,may I help you?"asked an old man with frizzy long white hair. "Yes please. My Brother Remus and I came to buy our first wands." I said. "First wands,eh?Okay,you first."he said to me,walking towards a shelf on his right. He stared at it for a while. Then he took one of the colorful cases off of it's shelf. He walked back to the counter and took out a long,brown, wooden rod and handed it to me. "Blackthorn. With Veela hair for the core." Mr.Ollivander said. I gazed at the wand that was in my hands. It had a vine design on the bottom. "Go on. Give it a wave."he said. I looked down at the wand,and swished it. All of a sudden,I heard glass shatter behind Mr.Ollivander. The window behind him had was now into a thousand shards of glass. "Oh my gosh! I am so sorry Mr.Ollivander!"I exclaimed. "Oh it's alright. Here,that isn't the wand for you."Mr.Ollivander said. I handed him the wand. He put the wand back in its case and placed it back on it's shelf. He then took the case beside it and came back to the counter. "Try this one. It's Ebony. With Unicorn hair for it's core."He said,taking out a beautiful black wand. He handed it to me. As soon as it was in my hand,I felt a rush of energy come from it. The energy went through my hand,up my arm,and then my whole body. "Wow."I whispered. "Well,I guess that that wand has chosen you."Mr.Ollivander said with a smile. "So,now it is your turn,young man."he said to Remus. "Okay."he said. Mr.Ollivander went back to the shelves on the right and chose a case that was on the top shelf. He came back towards Remus and handed him a wand. "This wand is made out of Willow,and it's core is Thestral tail hair."he said. Remus waved it,and a few of the cases on the left shelf came shooting toward Remus and I. We both ducked at the same time so we wouldn't get hit. "I'm very sorry."Remus said,apologizing for what had happened. "It is alright,it happens all the time."Mr.Ollivander said. After that,Remus had gone through almost all of the wands in the shop. Till Mr.Ollivander brought out one last wand. He tried it out,and it ended up being the right wand for him. Remus and I payed for our wands,said goodbye to Mr.Ollivander,and went outside to find our mother waiting for us. "Come on you two,we need to go get your uniforms."she said,showing us the way toward a shop called "Madam Malkin's Robes for All Occasions". We went inside the shop,got our uniforms in our size,and left. We then went to Flourish and Blotts:To get our books,Potage's Cauldron Shop:To get our cauldrons,Scribbulus Writing Instruments:To get our quills,ink,and parchment,Slug & Jiggers Apothecary:To get our potion ingredients. We then went to Magical Menagerie to get our pets. Remus opened the door for mother and I. When we walked in,I smelt the mixture of owl droppings,wet cat,and a whole bunch of other animal smells. "It stinks in here."I whispered to Remus,who was right next to me. "Go on you two,go pick out a pet."said mum,looking at Remus and I. "Okay!"both Remus and I said at the same time. Remus and I split up,him going to the right side of the shop,and I to the left. I looked at cages and tanks that contained strange,and creepy,looking creatures. I was about to give up looking for a pet,when i passed a grey Tawny Owl. It was fast asleep,it's head hidden under it's beautiful,gold specked,feathers. "Wow..."I whispered. It must have heard me,because it suddenly raised it's head,staring at me with it's piercing orange eyes. It slowly gave a faint hoot. I carefully held out my arm. It flew on to it. I stroked its glistening silver feathers. "I'm going to take you home. Would you like that?"I whispered to it. As though to answer my question it hooted again. This time,sounding a little excited. "I'm going to take that as a yes."I whispered. I walked towards my mum,who was waiting near the door. "Oh,you picked an owl!That's a good choice."she said,staring at the bird on my arm with interest. We waited there for a minute for Remus,who came over with a dusky brown owl with white spots on the tips of it's wings and tail feathers,on his head. Apparently,it decided to use Remus's head as a resting spot. We went over to the counter of the shop,payed for both of the owls,and left. We found out that my owl was a girl,and Remus's was a boy. "So what are you two going to name your owls?"mum asked. "Um,Snaps.Because he kept snapping at my fingers when I first saw him."Remus said. "How about you,Izzabella?"mum asked,looking at me."I don't know yet."I said,still thinking what I would name her. Then,I thought of Athena,the Greek goddess of wisdom. She owned an owl. "Athena,that's what i'm going to name her! Athena."I said. "That's a very good name for an owl."my mum said with a smile. After a while,we got hungry,so we went to "The Leaky Cauldron",a pub that also was the secret entrance to Diagon Alley. We ate there, then went to "Florean Fortescue's Ice Cream Parlour" to get some ice cream for desert. "Okay. How about Remus and you go where ever you two want. I need to go meet someone at "The Leaky Cauldron".Okay?And stick together."she said,while starting to walk towards the pub. "How about we go to "Quality Quidditch Supplies"?"I said,looking at Remus."Okay."he answered.We walked towards the shop.This time,I opened the door for Remus. "Thanks" "Your welcome!"I said with a smile. We walked around the shop looking for something to look at. Remus found some books to look at, and found some posters with famous Quidditch players zooming passed them on brooms. "They're so cool,aren't they?"asked a boy with very messy hair and glasses. "Oh!Yeah,they are."I said,to him. "James Potter."he said,holding out his hand. "Izzabella Lupin."I said,grasping his hand to shake it. We stayed there talking about Quidditch and about ourselves for a while, until Remus came over. "Remus! This is my new friend James Potter. James,this is my brother Remus." I said. "Nice to meet you."James said. "Nice to meet you too." They shook hands and talked. We three became good friends after a while. "Hey,you guys. Look at this!"James said,looking at a Golden ball the size of a walnut. "Wow,it's a snitch!"Remus said,gazing at it. "It's so cool. I wish I had some money to buy it."I said,looking at the price tag. It was 390 galleons. Suddenly,James grabbed it,took it to the counter,and bought it! "Your so lucky,you have enough to buy it." I said gloomily. "Here."said James,holding out the hand that contained the Golden Snitch. I looked at him like he was crazy. "What!?You're joking!"I exclaimed. "No I'm not,just take it."he said,handing the Snitch to me. "James,I can't accept this! It cost you a lot!"I said,putting the Snitch back in his hand. "I bought it for you as a gift. You can't give back gifts."he said,grabbing my hand and placing the little Snitch in my palm. "Fine,thanks though."I said,hugging him for what he did. "No problem,you're one of my friends. I'll do anything to make a friend happy."he said,returning the hug. After that,Remus,James, and I went to "Gambol and Japes Wizarding Joke Shop" for some pranking equipment. Then to "Sugarplum's Sweets Shop" for some candy. James said goodbye to us later because he had to leave. Remus and I then went to go find our mum,who was at "The Leaky Cauldron" waiting for us. We left to go home after that. When we got there, dad was waiting for us at the table. "I see you guys went to Diagon Alley to get your stuff." he said,looking at the many bags Remus,my mother,and I were holding. We ate dinner,told our dad about our day,and went to bed. That night, I dreamed of going to Hogwarts,and of all the friends I might make there.

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