One and Only (a Nico Di Angelo love story)

Hey, I'm using the character CJ. go here BEFORE you read the story. This is kinda the backstory on her when she first came to Camp
this is back when they lived in New Mexico, kay? remember that and she's likw 11 in this. same age as Nico

Chapter 1

Graveyards are EVIL!!!!!

Y'know how people in horror movies ALLWAYS get attacked in graveyards, and how that "Will never happen"? WRONG.
I was standing infront of a gravestone with my little brother Joseph, and mother behind me. I looked down at the name on it: Joseph Fraschilla. Joseph Fraschilla was my grandfather, we'd gone to fisit his grave and so that Joseph (my brother) could "meet" him. You see, He died before Joseph was even born. Joseph layed the roses on top just as some....THING I could barely see jumped out and pushed me half way across the cemetary.
NIco's POV:
I can't believe Chiron is making ME go pick up these....two, I think he said, demigods. I'd just shdowtraveled and poped up in a....Graveyard? "This should be fun" I thought to myself when something bolted past me, headed streight at wat looked like a small family fisiting the grave of loved one. I knew right away that those people where the kids I was sopost to retreave...
Normal POV (CJ's):
As soon as I hit ground I was up and fighting. I only had a pocket knife, but it was VERRY helpfull. At fist I thought the thing was just a big dog, A grim some might call it, but when I'd stabbed it about forty-seven times, it wasn';t bleeding. As you can guese I was REALLY freaked out, but then somethiung ELSE came runnging at it. The thing looked kinda like a kid, about my age, with a SWORD and a pretty big one too. While the kid was fighting it I ran over to my little broter to see if he was still live or even concious. Before I could get to him though the kid who I realisede to be a boy (who I found to be a bit attractive) grabbed my arm and somehow my brother was already there, his too. "What are you doing?! Let us go!!!!" I yelled at him, but he just said "I can't, I have to get you guys to camp". When he said that i was thinking "WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON????!!!!!!" then mom yealled "Go with him, He'll explane later, just GO!!!!" and ran off. "MOM WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT?" I asked too late... Suddonly the world went entirely dark....
Nico's POV:
Alright, I'd managed to pick them up with little notice, but Chiron might be kinda mad that I was about ready to kill this girl. She had long dark brown-black hair and dark green eyes. She looked like she was about 13 or so. She ws tall so it was harder to tell. Wile extremely pretty, she was also extremely voilent, and kept trying to stab me yelling "WHERE ARE WE, WHO ARE YOU!!! WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON?!!!!". Thank the Gods for her little brother Joseph who mnged to keep her from comiting 3rd degree murder. We where trying to find way out of the forest, when she actually said she was SORRY for trying to murder me. It looked like she meant it, and then sked me where we were so I answered "Camp Half Blood".
Normal POV:
"Wait, wait wait, what the hell is camp Half Blood?" I asked him and he explaned it was a training camp for young demigods. I already knew what a demigod was, bu tit took forever to realise that I WAS one. We emerged out into bright sunlight and I recoiled, still thinking it was night. "What time is it" I asked, "Around 4:30pm" was his reply, and of course I was dumbfounded.
"Where are we"
"Long Island, New York" cam the voice of a boy who was about 14 ears old. He looked like he was 5'9, and had black hair,and dark kind green eyes. They looked like mine and Joseph's did. He was walking towards us and said "Hey Nico, looks like you ggot 'em here pretty fast, what no monsters?" "There was one" I said, "It looked kind of like a REALLY big dog-type thing."
"A Hellhound huh?" He said
"Um, excuse me but who are you anyway?" Joseph asked him
"Percy Jackson, Son of Poseidon" Percy said lazily
"COOL!!!!!" my overly enthuesiastic little brotehr chimed in, over enthuseasticly
"Welcome to Camp Half-Blood!" boomed a voice. I turned my head to look and what I saw was NOT possible. "Um am I holucinating, or is there REALLY a centur standin infront of me?" I asked and Percy laughed, "Nope, you're not huluconating, there REALLY is a centaur there" "Okay good. NOw can someone PLEASE catch mme before I fall and break my head?" I asked before I fainting....
I woke up in a room with, like 6 people watcing me, like I was a bomb about to explode. "What, take a picture it'll last longer" I said siting up. In the small croud of people I saw the boy that brought us here. He has dark brown-green eyes, black-is-brown hair and had pale-ish Oliv colored skin. He was in all black, and some would say he looked like an emo. He wasn't half-bad looking.
"Where am I" I asked dazed and sleepy
"The sick room" said a girkl who looked about 14 or so. She had blonde hair and deep Grey colored eyes that had such an intense gaze they seemed to bore into your soul...

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