Ghosts of Days Gone By

Over the course of three years, Ashlynn Caine has spent her time rising to the top of the music industry. At only twenty two years old, she's one of the most successful women of our time. Ashlynn is one of the very few people in the world who have the disease "Hyperthymesia" which causes her to remember everything she's ever seen or heard. But when her extraordinary memory begins to quickly fade away, causing her to forget everything, Ashlynn faces her big nightmare: hitting rock-bottom.

Chapter 1

Top of the World

Being at the top isn't all fun and games. It can be scary sometimes. Why? Because once you're at the top, there's only one way to go: down. Let me explain: My name is Ashlynn Caine. I'm best known as a singer and songwriter (I wrote E.T. by Katy Perry, Born This Way by Lady Gaga, etc), but I'm also trying my hand at acting on the big screen. My latest album (Unforgettable) went double platinum in only two weeks.

I've dated a ton of Hollywood faces. Taylor Launter, Joe Jonas, and Trace Cyrus are all on that list. And, if you want to believe the newest rumor, I'm pregnant with Justin Bieber's baby. Where do people come up with this stuff? I don't let it bother me much; on the brightside I'm getting a lot of publicity!

I think I got the most publicity when I told the world that I have Hyperthymesia. Unfamiliar with the disease? I was too. Only about twenty people in the world have this extremely rare disease. Hyperthymesia causes you to remember everything you've ever seen or heard. Everything. I can give you and in depth description of my eighth birthday, down to the color of my socks that I was wearing that day.

Most people think Hyperthymesia is a blessing, (I mean, I did have an A+ all throughout my three years of Spanish) but I think it's more of a curse. To this day I can still remember walking in on my dad while he was taking a shower when I was six. Can you imagine seeing that picture every single time you talk to your dad? It's terrible.

But anyway, now that you know a little bit about me, I'll let you take a look into my hectic life.

"Ashlynn!" My manager, Jeanne, snaps me out of my daydreaming. Jeanne is only three years older than I am, and has a tendency to yell.

"What?!" I yell back, startled. I was hanging out in a sound booth, waiting to record. The sound board hadn't been working, so I was just waiting around for them to fix it.

"Guess who was voted the most powerful woman in the world!"

"Um...Lady Gaga?" Jeanne quickly shakes her head.

"Close. She's on the list, but not number one." I sit there and think for a few seconds, when Jeanne suddenly bursts out with excitement, "It's you!!" she yelled.

"Oh my gosh, really? That's awesome! Hey, have you heard anything back from Spielberg? He was supposed to call a few days ago to talk about 'The Still Untitled Movie', but he hasn't yet."

Jeanne's face dims. "Oh no, sorry honey, but I haven't."

"That's fine. Maybe he's just...busy. I'm sure he's got some other project going on too." I think back to my last meeting with Steven Spielberg.

*It was Sunday, August 20th when I met with him last. I remember I was wearing a cute pink shirt, my favorite white skinny jeans and my pink low tops. Spielberg hadn't said anything about being busy, but I remember when he opened up his calender, the entire month of September was free, minus an eye appointment on the 12th and a premiere in Hollywood on the 23rd. But other than that, he wasn’t really doing anything this month.*

So this means one of two things: either he's not interested in working with me anymore or he simply forgot to call me back. I have a feeling it's the first choice.

I sigh loudly, and it echoes throughout the sound booth.

Oh well, maybe I'll have another chance to work with Spielberg, someday. Someday soon, hopefully, because I've been waiting for an opportunity like this forever.


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