How to annoy Percy Jackson Characters (extended)

I had a suddon flash of insperation

Chapter 1


Percy Jackson:
1.) Insist that he "just keep swimming, just keep swimming, swimming, swimming" repeatedly
2.)Steal Riptide
3.)Ask him why he looks so much like Harry Potter
4.)Feed him fish for EVERY single meal
5.)Ask him if he can hear their dying screams
6.)Video tape him and Annabeth making out
7.)Tell him Grover/Nico (or both) told you to
8.)Tell him that Justin Bieber is a son of Poseidon
9.) I had to remove this on because I couldn't type it in without havingto take it out
10.)When he's listening for somethin (ex. a noise in the forest) and ask him "Are your fishy senses tingling?"
11.)Tell him Luke got Annabeth pregnant
12.)Or Nico
13.)Or Grover
Luke Castalan:
1.)Wake him up before noon
2.)Wake him up by screaming "PERCY RULES!!!!!" in his ear (RUN!)
3.)Poke his scar and ask him why it's there
4.)Ask him if the reason why he hates Percy is "S @ x u a l Tension" (I'm kinda a PuKe supporter)
5.)Ask him what he's getting Hermes for Father's Day
6.)Draw on backbiter
7.)In permanent marker
8.)Make his army sing "The Emo Kid Song" to him
9.)All day long
10.)Ask him if he "Loves Thalia"
11.)Laugh if he blushes
12.)Even just a little, even if it's not really a blush, but he turns red because of anger
13.)Ask him if he's "Percy's Grandfather, because his body is inhabited by Kronos"
14.)When he and Annabeth/Thalia/Percy are in the same room start playing If I Had You by Adam Lambert
15.)Tape/Glue PuKe fanfictions/lemons/pictures (If any) all over his room/cabin
Thalia Grace:
1.)Call her Sparky
2.)Or Sparkles
3.)Tell her Green Day sucks
4.)If she knows you're a fan say "I've caught Bieber fever, and he's SOOOOOOOOO much better than those TERRIBLE baboons" (I'm so sorry Green Day!!!!)
5.)Compare Green Day to Justin Bieber
6.)Say to her (Sinig workds better. Those of you who don't know good music, then heres the song: Don;'t stop Beliveen' by JOrney) "Don't stop Belibing" (I said Belibing on purpose, because she HATES JB)
7.)Lock her in a room with Zoe'
8.)Tell her Nico loves her. Bonus points if Nico's in the room. Bonus Bonus points if she beats the crapp outta him with her bow
9.)Ask her if she loves Luke
10.)Ask her if she's a Thalico supporter
11.)Ask her if she's a Nercy/Puke supporter
12.)Ask her if she supports Thaluke
13.)Ask her if she's "Team Edward or Team Jacob"
Bianca Di Angelo:
1.)Hurt Nico
2.)Kiss Nico infront of her and say that "I KNEW YOU LOVED ME MORE THAN THAT bleep OF A SISTER BIANCA!!!" and kiss him again
3.)TAke her bow and shoot her with it
4.)Or Nico
5.)Whenever she starts talking tel her "SHUT YOUR DeaD MOUTH!!!!!!"
Annabeth Cgase:
1.)say sh'e/her mom is dumb
2.)Cll Jercy Seaweed brain infront of her
3.)Take her teddy bear and hold it hostage. And tell her the only way she can get it back is to wear a pink cocktail dress pink stilleto heels and get a makeover from the Aphrodite kids and prance around camp screaming "I am miss America" (Thankyou WiseGirl1997 or PrettyGirlNerd!)
Nico Di Angelo (The BEST CHARECTER EVER who I think I've pissed off enough, but I thill have MORE up my sleve)
1.)Give him a makeover in his sleep, and convince evryone to not tell him
2.)Do ANYTHING adn EVERYTHING that Annabeth tol him NOT to do to his DSi (THANK YOU RANDOMSTAR!!!!!)
3.)Attemot to teach him what a microwave is by stuffing him in it
4.)And turning it on (If he gets cancer Imma kill whoever did this to him)
5.)Do teh same with an oven (If he dies, Imma use your soul to bring him back)
6.)Embarace him infront of Bianca/Percy/His Crush (ME)
7.)Cut off his beautifull emo hair Nico: I DO NOT HAVE EMO HAIR!!!!!! Me: Yeah you're kinda right...MY hair is more emo than yours is...
8.)Get the Emo Kid Song stuck in his head
9.)Subliminally teach him Swahilli/Japanese/Chinese/Spanish/ect. in his sleep
10.)In the middle of conversation (Emo Convo is what it would be called Nico: NOT FUNNY!!!) break into whatever language you taght him in his sleep. Bonus points if he changes to THAT language without even knowing what he did
11.)Ask him if he knows where Naruto is (I was kinda stumped, so I thought SUE ANOTHER EMO-ISH PERSON REFERENCE!!!)
12.)"Mistake" him for Sasuke Uchiha
Grover Underwood:
1.) Take his cans
1.)Attempt to get the My Little Pony Theme Song stuck in his head


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