Good News!!! (Please Read!! :D)

Well, once more, the title is self explanatory, so please read! Full details below ^_^

(P.S. This is basically just one big update for all of those who have missed my stories, poems, etc, or for those who simply miss talking to me xD For those who have missed me for the latter reason, I missed you too!)

Chapter 1

Here It Is!!

As most of you know, I wasn't online a lot over the summer, especially during the last month of summer vacation, August, due to marching band camp for my school (which is a serious matter in my opinion, mind you.). Anyway, now that school has started back up, my mom doesn't allow me to play video games during the week days because she believes them to be major distractions from my school studies and what not, and I honestly believe her. But Quibblo isn't a video game, now is it ;D LOOPHOLES!

So, onto the point. Whenever I'm now overwhelmed with homework and marching band, I will do my best to be online more and more often! That means more conversations with you awesome friends of mine, and...drumroll.....MORE STORIES!!! Well, not necessarily "more", but more chapters in the ones I have up. I'll be taking a notebook with me to school in which I will write down chapters of a specific story in, and then type up those chapters here online. Now, here's the rundown for the stories:

"The Curse of the Worgen" is going to take longer to finish, since I have numerous papers and what not that have all the information I need to make the story accurate and compatible with the game. Hauling all those papers around (and there's a lot!) in school will be a pain, and I risk damaging and even losing those papers, which I can't afford, otherwise I'll have to look up all the information again, and, trust me, that took a long time. So "The Curse of the Worgen" will be a story that I will write from my house alone, whenever I have the time and inspiration to do so.

"Hell Has Walls" is going to be a story I will most likely start working on a lot more this school year. Like I've said plenty of times before, I have the whole idea in my head, and even the main plot line with other details planned out on paper. Chances are, I'll probably be putting up a few more chapters in that story. It's a thriller/suspense/horror after all, and those tend to fly by fast, whether they be a movie, a story, or even a story in progress!

"A Collection of Poems" will continue to grow throughout the year as I undergo new experiences and occurrences at my school. As to what those experiences will be on, I don't know, but we'll see what the future holds for me!

"The Chronicles of the Three Dreamers" is a series idea I have been debating for a looonnnnggggg time. I came up with the idea in the shower, and loved it so much I started dancing, but stopped when I slipped and fell.....that's off topic. Anyway, the story line for the series is so intense and well thought through, one of my friends commented on it when I told her that it was "almost exactly like Inception." For those of you who saw that movie, it was confusing if you didn't pay attention, so you'll have to focus on these stories!

For "The Chronicles of the Three Dreamers," I have four books planned out for it as of now, a fifth possible if this series is as good as I hope and dream it will be. The title of the series is kind of self explanatory; I will not reveal anything else to anyone else, no matter how much you all beg me. It'll keep you coming back for more, no offense ;) Besides, if this series really is as intense as I plan it, then you'll love it even more when I post everything up! Speaking of which, maybe I'll start on that now.....

Anyway, I hope you all are glad that I'm back, and hopefully better than ever with my writing! Hope you all enjoy anything else I post up here!

May your wits stay sharp,
~Wolf Boy.


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