Magic & Chocolate (A hogwarts love story)

Magic & Chocolate (A hogwarts love story)

This is a hogwarts story that takes place at the same time that Harry is in school. It is a love story as the title says, but the romance will not start until latter. The first chapters will introduce the protagonist and explain her relationship with the other characters. So be patient please! I hope you enjoy it.

Name : Eily Night
BD: February 11th
Hair: Really Dark brown (looks black)
Eyes: Brown

Chapter 1

First Spell

by: NeryNight
I looked in amusement at the toys that were hovering around my room. I tried to reach for my favorite doll, a pretty puppet with long flowing blond hair and sparkling blue eyes, but it exploded in flames at the touch of my fingers. Scared, I pulled my hand back and shrieked as loud as I could.
My mom threw the door of my bedroom open and ran to see what was wrong with me.
"Eily, dear, are you okay? Why did you scream?", she asked, putting her arms around me.
I couldn't answer. I only pointed at the ceiling and continued to cry in her chest. She seemed to understand me, since I could hear her gasp at the sight of my flying toys.
"Eily, you did magic!," she exclaimed happily. "It's your first time doing magic. Mommy is so proud."
"Ma... ma... magic?" I stuttered between sobs.
"Yes, magic, sweetheart!"
I didn't see why she was so happy. My favorite doll was on fire and the rest of my toys were out of my reach. How was I supposed to play now.
"But, Marry Ann!" I screamed angrily.
"What?" She didn't seem to understand the severity of the situation.
"Marry Ann! Marry Ann is on fire!" I hopped up and down, swinging my arms violently. "Do something."
"We'll buy you a new one, sweetie." She seem confused by my childish behavior. What did she expect? I was only four!
"What is all the racket about?" Jonathan, my older brother, asked as he enter the room. "What the...!"
"John, don't you dare finish that sentence in front of your sister!" Mom scolded him. "She has just done magic for the first time, and she is a little confused. That's all."
I really liked John. He was nice and played with me whenever he wasn't at school. I slipped from my mother's arms and ran to hug him.
"What is wrong, Lyl?" He bent down to pat my head.
"Marry Ann!" I cried.
"Your doll?" He look at the floating doll, or what was left of it. "Don't worry, Lyl. Big bro will take care of it."
He patted my head one last time, taking his wand out of his pocket as he walked toward the whirlwind of toys.
"Finitie Incantatem!" he exclaimed, and all the toys fell to the floor. Then he pointed his wand to Marry Ann and said, "Reparo."
With a puffing sound, the doll returned to her original state.
"Here you go, Lyl." He held her out to me.
I took her in my arms, happily spinning around the room.
"Thanks, Johnny. You are the best." I kissed him on the cheek.
"Just don't set any of your friends on fire. I am not sure I can fix that." He laughed.

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