This is a story of two girls on the run from abusive families and find love in the oddest of places.It has two authors me and my beef Sum.

Chapter 1

intro into everything-basically a back story.

As me and Meagan lay on a sheet in an abandoned old building I remember all the events that brought us here.It was two days ago.

I sit on my bed listening to Meagan cry about what her parents had just done.They were mad she didn't cook dinner right and held both her hands on the stove for a minute.It was a miracle she was able to hold the phone.My night hadn't been much better.As I walked in the door after school today my dad threw a empty vodka bottle at my head.I passed out and when I woke up my mom was using my arm as an ash tray.

We both decided enough was enough and we started packing.We had to be quiet or our parents will hear us and hurt us again.I pack everything I need in two bags and stand in front of my mirror.My dark red hair framed my face which held my sad piercing blue eyes.Amazingly there were barely any scars on my pale lean body.My parents were careful.They didn't want to go to jail.I had on a Paramore tee,skinny jeans,black combat boots that held my swiss army knife.Plus a Invader Zim hoodie.

At midnight we both left our houses.she snuck out her one story house but I had sneak out my second story window and clime down a dogwood tree.We met at our school I took in her appearance.Her shoulder length blond hair was down and she looked at me with sad melting hazel eyes.Her tall(we were both five eleven) tan body was full of scar and her hands were wrapped in gauze.She were a plain black tee,jean and a pair of high top nikes.

"Cass?"She said looking at the dried blood on my forehead.(By the way my name is Cassandra but everyone calls me Cass or Cassie)

"It's nothing Mey.We need to go somewhere and hide until the search wears down.That is if our parents call us in missing."And we head into the woods.I knew them by heart so soon we were at the back entrance of the building we're in now.

I wonder if anyone will miss us.Me and Mey always hanged with each other since we got each other.We've been friends since the day when a nurse who was checking for lice was burns and scars on us.We lied and said they were accidents but when they left us alone we both knew what they really were.Ever since we've been best buds.

I wonder what the future will hold for us.We can't stand anymore pain.

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