My Private Heaven

Chapter 1

New place.

One thing I've learned from moving recently is that there's a brand new start to it. No longer does anyone from the past get a say in what people may or may not think of you. Of course in my case I see hardly anyone.In fact I live out in the woods and am home schooled so that we can't see anyone new. It's alright though because I'll always have my newly found escape.
I call it my own private heaven on earth.

At first look my escape doesn't seem like much but I don't see what most see. What everyone else saw at first as nothing special I saw as a magical and unique place just for me. It's just an ordinary pond that's in the middle of nowhere. When I first saw it it was over run with cattails and weeds grew along the edge, but I saw a project perfect for someone like me.

I could reflect on myself from it's waters once it was ready and maybe, just maybe understand who I am.Of course I know ordinary things like my name, or what food I like but those things don't make up a person and due to recent events I thought that I should get to know myself.

The day after my discovery of the pond I began working on it trying to make it a beautiful place for any one who wishes to see it when I'm not there.At first it was difficult trying to make sure that I didn't harm nature but giving back to it.I used an old fashioned tool called a scythe to cut down the jiggers and tall grass.I pulled the cattails and weeds by hand, one by one.

The sun was just beginning to set when I heard his voice.

"Do you need any help," he asked.

"No, who are you," I asked.

"My name's Adrian."

"Do you always talk to random people you find in the woods," I asked him.

"Are you always in the woods to talk to?"

"No, why do you care?"

"I don't. You just kept asking questions so I followed your lead.What's your name," Adrian asked.

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