Sing Out Loud (JB Lve Story)

Kay Lavine: blonde hair, blue eyes
Notice the last name?
I know you'll love it! :)

Chapter 3

The Concert

by: Kay13
Kay's P.O.V.

Ok, I had to be honest, this concert was the best one I has ever been to. He really wanted to make me jump up and down-alot. And his voice-best one I've ever heard.

(Just so you all know, Leanne knows about Justin and the number and junk.)

Near the end of the concert, someone walked up to Leanne, and started saying something I couldn't hear. I didn't pay attention though. I was absorbed in the dance moves. They were sweet.
Then the lady took my arm, and asked me to follow her. I looked to Leanne, and she gave me an approving nod.
"Ok." I said.
The lady took me to.... backstage?!!

The lady took me to a curtain and told me to walk out when the curtain opened, and sit on the stool. What! I'm going onstage?! I'm his one less lonely girl?
Aww man!

Then Justin started singing, and the curtain slowly opened...

Justin's P.O.V.

My concert is going great! My fans are great. They are really supportive of my singing. They really motivate me.

Then my 'one less lonely girl' for the concert came out. She looked strangely familiar. She had long blonde hair, and bright blue eyes. You could definetly get lost in them if you wanted. Lucky me, I have something more important than getting lost in some stranger's eyes.
The girl sat on the stool and smiled. That familiar.
So I did my usual thing, singing around her and stuff. She smiled the whole time. I felt like my heart was melting.

Then my song ended, and she was brought backstage. I ended the concert, and walked backstage as well.
When I saw her, I asked,
"Uh-what's your name?"
She turned around, and said,
"Kay. Kay Lavine."
"You're-you're Kay! From the tour! How?..."
"Look, I'm sorry I never texted you. I lost your number and-"
"Shh," I said, putting my finger on her lips," Just give me your number this time. I'll text you."
She blushed. Aww.
"Sure." she said.
She grabbed a piece of paper and a pen out of her purse, and wrote her number on it:
Text me sometime :)

"Here." she said, giving it to me, "I have to go find Leanne. Goodbye Justin."

"Who was that?" Scooter asked. (Ithink that's his manager's name so.. that's what I'm going to call him.)
"Like Adam Lavine?"
"I suppose so."
"Allright, c'mon dude. You should get to bed."

Kay's P.O.V.

Oh boy.

"Omg how was it!?" Leanne asked as soon as we found each other.
"Was the lady going to bring you back?" I asked, ignoring her question.
"Yes. But I told her to bring you back instead."
"You passed up a chance for Justin HIMSELF to sing to you? You aren't as crazy about him as I thought you were."
"Oh, I've got a boyfriend."
"Better than Justin Beiber."
"Not richer, but yeah."
"Good for you. Now let's go."
"Not before we get a picture with Justin."
"We're NOT."
"Atleast watch him leave with me."
So we walked out of the stadium, towards the limo. Durf that he would leave in a limousine.
Them Justin came out. All of the girls screamed. He smiled and waved. A second before in the limo, he looked around and spotted me. A cheeky smile grew on his face, and he waved his fingers up and down a few times, and got into the limo.
Darn him.

"Did he smile and wave to you!?" Leanne asked, turning to me.
"No. Probably someone else." I said, though I knew that that was a lie.

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