Sing Out Loud (JB Lve Story)

Kay Lavine: blonde hair, blue eyes
Notice the last name?
I know you'll love it! :)

Chapter 1

His House

by: Kay13
Why am I here again?
Oh, right. Somehow, my friend Leanne, got us invited to Justin Beiber's house. How? I have no idea. But, as I watch her flirting with him, I can't help but noyice that he doesn't really like her.I don't blame him. She's kinda crazy.
As we walked around his house, Leanne had to touch practically everything. She sat in every chair, messing up blankets and such. Then she would get up and walk away. After messing anything up, I would fix or fold it. But geeze, did she have alot to say. She didn't notice his body language reading: Oh my god, you're so annoying, stop talking!, and such. I felt kinda bad for him. What an awful day. A stranger fan comes to your house and messes everything up, while the other cleans everything up. Crazy.

"Oh! Look at the time!" Justin exclaimed, looking at his watch.
"What!" Leanne asked.
"The tour's over!" he said.
Leanne looked at the clock, "Aww! You sure?"
"Positive, sorry."
"Oh well it was nice meeting you in person, Justin."
"Uh, you too, L-Leanne."
We all walked towards the door. eanne touched one last thing, picked it up (it was glass), and set it down not knowing that it was not on the table all the way, and waved with her back to Justin, and walked out.
Just then, the object tipped, and started to fall to the floor.
'Oh no!' I thought.
I ran and kneeled to try to catch it, and so did Justin. It ended up in our laps, but we bumped heads.
"Ow!" we exclaimed at the same time
We looked at each other for a second, and then I stood up quickly, putting the object on the table and said,
"I'n sooo sorry about Leanne. She's just like that. I hope she didn't bother you that much. Are you ok?" I asked, touching the side of his head. (We wre both standing up at this point.)
"Yeah I'm fine." he said, taking my hand off his face.
"Good... then I think I should be going. Leanne must be waiting..." I said, trailing off, looking at the door.
"Wait-uh, what's your name?" Justin asked.
"Kay. Kay Lavine."
"Kay," he said, handing me a sheet of paper,"Text me later, when...Leanne's not around. Maybe we can hang out."
"Will do." I said, walking out the door, and flashed one last smile at Justin Beiber.

Justin's P.O.V.

Wewh! The tour's finally over! My god was Leanne annoying. She would have hjad me house trashed if it weren't for Kay.
Man, Kay was pretty. She didn 't even dress up for it, like Leanne did. She probably isn't really a fan. She probably just came because Leanne wanted her to. Atlesast she came. Wait a minute, do I...-no you don't Justin. Stop thinking wierd thoughts.

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