When my life became Totally Awesome (A VERY STARKID STORY)

When my life became Totally Awesome (A VERY STARKID STORY)

hey guys
this is my second story on quibblo
i have wanted to do a starkid one for a little while now so here it is :)
i hope you guys like it, please comment and rate, i'd love to know what you think :)
Stay fly like a D.Criss my little Starkiddies
Love Jess

Chapter 2


"Ok when you really dance with Neville's when you cross the line, okay take this beat it get outta here, come here come here!"
"what's wrong Ow Ow, why are you being so mean to me"
"I'm not being mean"
"yes you are, you know everyday everyones trying to put me down and on the one day I actually feel like a person, YOUR TRYING TO RUIN IT!"
"oh, oh Sh1t"
I began laughing, "God that line is so funny I can never hold it together" I smiled and Joey just laughed
Me and Joey were in my room rehearsing my lines.
"You know you're really great at playing Hermione" he smiled
"Calling me frumpy Joey?" I said in a fake mocking voice
"No, no" he panicked "I'm trying to say you're a great actor"
"Relax, I was joking I knew what you meant" I laughed and he joined in
"Joey, Beth dinners ready!" yelled my Mum Lily
"Coming Mrs Harris"
I stared at him, all the years I knew him and he still called my mum Mrs Harris as if he was still trying to make a good impression. I began to giggle
"What's so funny?" Joey smiled as we walked down the stairs
"Oh nothing"
"Bethany Justine Harris" he said as he grabbed my shoulders "what's so funny?"
"It's stupid if I tell you, you'll think I'm stupid and then I'll be embarrassed"
"I'm not falling for that again, what is it?"
"Fine, fine, I just find it funny that you still call my mum Mrs Harris"
He blushed "It's polite"
"I know how you operate Mr Richter, you've been my bestfriend since we were 5 years old and when you lie you run you hand through your hair"
"I don't just run my hand through my hair when I lie I also do it when I'm nervous"
"What's to be nervous about?" I smiled
He just blushed and tried to change the subject "If you could be an animal would you be a duck or a chicken?" he asked as we continued down the stairs and to the kitchen
"A duck for sure"
"QUACK" he laughed and I laughed to
"mmmmmmmm smells great Mrs Harris"
"Thankyou Joey" my mum smiled as she sat down at the table
"How was college today?" asked my dad
"It was great actually!"
"I told you law could be fun" he smiled
I fiddled with my food and mumbled quickly "well-I'm-going-to-be-in-a-musical"
"Slow down if you want to be a lawyer you need to breathe and speak loudly and clearly"
"I don't want to be a lawyer I want to be an actor!" I said "Is that clear enough for you?"
"I didn't raise my eldest daughter to be a stage puppet"
"I'm not a stage puppet, it's called an actor and whether you like it or not I'm going to be in a musical" I yelled
Everyone went silent and all you could hear was everyone clinking their forks and knives as they ate.
"Beth's going to play Hermione" said Joey "She's really good you guys should come watch her, I'm in it too i play Ron"
"I would love to come" smiled my Mum whilst Dad pretended not to hear what Joey said
The dinner went slowly after the little miss understanding
"Hey Mum?"
"Yes sweety"
"Can Joey stay tonight so we can rehearse"
"Sure but does he have his stuff?"
"No Mrs Harris but I can drive home, get it and come back"
"Okay then, you may stay Joey, you know you should just move in you sleep here almost everyday"
Joey laughed and Mum began to wash up
"Would you like some help?" asked Joey
"Suck up" I whispered but Mum heard and she said "At least someone is nice enough to help me"
We all laughed
"Well since your helping with the washing up I'll go get your stuff" I smiled as I grabbed my keys and drove to Joeys house
By the time I arrived home Joey and Mum had finished the washing, I walked in, "Hey Joey Joe give me a hand with your stuff would you?" I asked
"Oh herminonucluosis can't you do it" he moaned
"Hermiononuclo-whatiss??" asked Mum
"Joey keeps messing up my charactors name" I laughed as I threw Joey's stuff at him and collapsed on the lounge
"Herman can you carry me upstairs"
"Its Hermione" i corrected him "and Ronald Weasley get off you a5s and carry your own stuff"
"Fine" he groaned "So much effort"
I laughed and followed him up the stairs

Hey my fellow Starkiddies
Thanks for all the lovely comments
You guys are totally awesome!!!!
Love you like Ron loves Redvines and considering he probably likes them more then he likes Herman that is a whole lotta love!!
Stay fly like a D.Criss
Love Jess xoxo :)

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