When my life became Totally Awesome (A VERY STARKID STORY)

When my life became Totally Awesome (A VERY STARKID STORY)

hey guys
this is my second story on quibblo
i have wanted to do a starkid one for a little while now so here it is :)
i hope you guys like it, please comment and rate, i'd love to know what you think :)
Stay fly like a D.Criss my little Starkiddies
Love Jess

Chapter 15

Emotional Rollercoaster

"Hey Joey, We need to talk" I whispered as to not wake my parents or my little sister
Joey sat up silently and faced me. God was I nervous, my hands went sweaty,I felt hot and I couldn't feel my legs.
I kind of just sat there staring at Joey, my mouth didnt move even though I begged it to, I was encased in my own confused body.
I snapped back to reality when Joey flicked the lamp on and silently closed the door.
"I don't know how to say this, I never expected I would I mean, it's not that you're not goodlooking because you totally are, I mean your.........well you're Joey, My bestfriend since forever, i'm not suppose to feel like this, Im not suppose to..."
Joey took my hand, I felt all my doubts slip away.
"This is wrong I mean, I'm with A.J" I said pulling my hand away
"Just explain it to me" Joey smiled
"Joey I...."

Joeys P.O.V
I could feel it, She felt for me like I always have for her and now she was going to say it.
I felt my heart pounding in my chest and I took her hand. I felt the sparks that had always been there fly from her into me, filling me up.
"This is wrong I mean, I'm with A.J" she said as she pulled her hand out from underneath mine
What no this was not how this was suppose to go, I have to know if she feels the same
"Just explain it to me" I smiled

Normal P.O.V
"Joey, I.....When we kissed I mean.....I never imagined that this was what would happen....I never thought I would feel like this about you.....I mean i thought A.J was for me until our lips met, now i'm just....." I looked down and breathed in
"Joey I think I might like you, like more then friends" I breathed out "But I'm with A.J, I have to talk to him, I just have to" I felt a tear roll down my cheek "I'm a terrible person"
"You're not a terrible person, you bethany are the most amazing person i've ever met" he smiled as he wiped the tear off my cheek
I reached up and took his face in my hands "You Joseph are amazing" I whispered as I pulled his lips to mine
"So what happens now?" he smiled
I hung my head "I can't Joey, What about A.J"
Joey looked disappointed but he nodded anyway "A.J deserves to know the truth"
"I don't want to hurt him" I whispered as a tear rolled down my cheek
"The truth doesn't hurt as much as a lie"
I placed my head on his shoulder "I know"
Joey walked back over to his bed "Joey will you please lay with me tonight, I need you"
He nodded as he picked up the blanket and cuddled close to me
I felt a tear roll down my cheek
"I thought I swore I wouldn't cry over a boy again"
"shhhh go to sleep my perfect Bethany"
I closed my eyes gently and buried my head into Joey's chest

"Hunny, don't you and Joey have to leave at nine" yelled My Dad as he made his way up the stairs
I opened my eyes sleepily and found Joey was fast asleep with his arms wrapped around me.
"Crap" I whispered as I tried to lift his arm off me but with no success "Crap, what am I going to do, Dad's going to freak, he had a strict Joey in different bed policy"
Dad was only a few steps away from my door, so I closed my eyes and pretended to be asleep, At least then I wouldn't have to deal with the rant now
"Hunny?" Dad whispered as he opened the door "Woah! what happened to the Joey in another bed rule!"
I could hear his shock and anger in his voice "Lily didn't we agree on separate beds?"
I could here mum walking down the hallway with her slippers on "What is it Jonathan?............oh" she said obviously shocked
"See I knew it" she laughed
"So you don't care about the bed thing!?!"
"Oh come on Jonathan are you blind, couldn't you see that they felt that way for eachother"
I heard them walk away and head down the stairs together.
"Psst Joey wake up" I whispered
Joey moaned and pulled me tighter against him
"Joey!!" I whispered
His eyes blinked open sleepily
"Goodmorning" he smiled
"Joey my parents were just in here"
"What???" he said wiping his sleepy eyes
"I pretended I was asleep but my Dad saw us huddled up together"
"Well we have some explaining to do" he yawned
Sleepy Joey was not the easiest person to talk to
"What time is it?" he asked and I looked at my watch
"We have to leave in ten minutes!" I yelled as I grabbed all my things I needed and chucked them in a bag
Joey went into the bathroom and got changed and I quickly got changed in my own room.
I grabbed my bag and ran to towards the bathroom and knocked on the door
"Come on Joey I need to brush my teeth and my hair"
"Come on in then" he replied and I threw the door open, I ran over to the sink and grabbed out my toothbrush and tooth paste, I looked up into the mirror and the reflection showed Joey standing behind me brushing his teeth with no shirt on.
I blushed and began scrubbing at my teeth, I could tell he saw I blushed but he was a gentleman and pretended not to see anything.
I grabbed the hair brush and ran it through my hair which was all knotty from the hairspray.
I threw it up into a bun and tied a blue ribbon around it.
"Ready to go?" asked Joey
"Yep, but as goodlooking as you are I think you'll need a shirt" I smiled
"Are you sure?" he asked, moving closer until our lips were nearly touching
I blushed "Now about today, we have to keep our 'feelings' quite, I have to explain it to A.J first, I don't want to hurt him"
"I understand" Joey said stepping back "Do you think he will hate me? His one of my closest friends"
"He won't hate you Joey Joe but me..... now that could be another story" I sighed
"Everything will be ok, I promise" Joey smiled "But we have to get going"
I nodded and we headed downstairs
"Hey sweety, did you two have a good nights rest for the performance tonight?" asked Mum
"Yes we did Mrs Harris" smiled Joey as he looked over towards me and I blushed
Mum smiled
"Well we will meet you outside the theatre tonight" Smiled Dad but i could see he was uncomfortable
"See you tonight" smiled Anna as she hugged me and Joey
I waved to my family as I drove off with Joey towards the university.
When we arrived at the theatre everyone was there. Lauren, Jim, Nick, Devin and Sanjo were all cleaning up. The band were on the stage talking to Matt, I saw A.J and my heart sank
"I can't do this" I said as the tears streamed down my face and I ran outside the theatre
"Beth, Bethany" yelled Joey as he ran after me "Bethany please don't cry"
He caught my hand and turned me to face him
"Joey, I can't hurt him, not after how sweet he is to me"
"You can't help your feelings, i'm an expert in this trust me"
"I'm so confused" I cried as the tears rolled down my cheek
"Why can't I just be like Darren, he is only interested in Sammy and that's it, no one else"
"Relationships are sometimes not that easy" Joey said pulling me into a hug and as I looked over his shoulder I saw A.J, when he saw that I had seen him he turned away hurt and began to walk away
I let go of Joey and ran after him "A.J let me explain"
"There's nothing to explain I get it"
"A.J I'm so sorry, If you could just let me talk to you"
A.J turned around, you could see he was hurt "What do you want to talk about, how you and Joey went behind my back, how you never really liked me you were just confused!?!'
"A.J I really did like you, so much"
"Oh save it Bethany" he said as he turned to walk away "We all know who your in love with deep down and it's not me or even Joey, how about you just be honest with yourself for once!"
As A.J walked away my eyes went blurry with tears, I sat on the ground and just started to think
"Hey Bethany, we are all missing you in rehearsals" smiled Dylan as he sat down beside me
I looked up at him and he grabbed out a tissue and wiped my eyes
"Bethany don't cry, your pretty make-ups running"
I smiled pathetically at him
"See now thats better, as you say, you need to put the zippity back into your doo-dah!"
He took me by the hand and walked me to the theatre
"There all at lunch now so if you wanna grab your stuff you can come sit with us and eat"
"Thanks, but I think I'll just go and eat out on the grass today"
He smiled politely and walked out the theatre doors to join the others.
I grabbed my bag and headed out to the grassed area, I liked it outdoors, nature seems to calm me and help me come up with solutions to problems.
I sat down on a wooden park bench and bit into my sandwich
but maybe this time nature didn't have the answer, Maybe A.J was right and the answer was truly within...
Happy at the start and then sad at the end
What an emotional rollercoaster!
Sorry I didn't write earlier guys but If you read my Joey love story then you would know that I went on a holiday and had no time to write and then I got back and for Australia it was back to school time and now that i'm in year 10 they seem to think that hours of homework is necessary :P
So I hope you liked the chapter and I hope 2012 is an awesome year so far, I know 2012 is really working out totally awesome for me :)
Love you guys heaps
Love Jess xoxo

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