Dear Iris (Official) [2]

This Notebook Belongs To

Seeley Matthias Ostrowski.

1939 to 1944

This will contain all my letters for my dear sister, Iris, who is valued much more then anything I have ever known. You will dance within the walls of my heart forever, Iris.

Chapter 1

April 6, 1939

Author's Note

This is exactly how it was when I first wrote it. There are some minor changes to preserve realistic details and other things ^_^


DJ Fournier

P.S. Certain words like 'Polska' and 'Norge' mean Poland and Norway. Will help if you look them up :3.


Dear Iris,

How I miss you so. Your large, bouncy curls of blonde. Your heart shaped face that fits so ever beautifully in photographs. Your sincere personality, and gray-blue eyes to top it off. You're such a beautiful woman, Iris, but you don't know it. All I can do is wait for you to relax inside the home we were raised in. Nevertheless, you never fail to give me a smile. I wonder how you can live with me, and still have that sisterly love that you hand out freely. I wish not to worry you, Iris, but mother became ill since you left Polska. She had passed on in February, a month after you left. Her last wishes were to see us succeed. We shall fulfill them, no?

Father hopes for me to join the army to fight for Polska. I've heard the war is bloody. The German's are winning, father says. Father also says he and others fear for invasion. I feel so clueless. And Norge is the only country that has freedom, though I can't believe this to be true. How I long to reach there. A place where there is no worries.

There is a man that begun this all. How much does he lie? I hate this man, this horrid, horrid man. Before Mother left us, she screamed he was the anti-Christ in disguise. I believe her so. All I do is wear her rosary around my palm, thinking of her. She was so similar to you, Iris. I don't know what I would do without you.

I know I am being a bit unreasonable but Iris, why are you so stressed? Since you have returned, Father said he smoked the best trout he caught for you but you vomited it up like Mother's steamed cabbage. Mother had these same symptoms before she went, and if you left me, Iris, I wouldn't go on. I am used to how you ruffle my sun-kissed hair, and glare into my gray-blue eyes. But if I join the army that father desired me to enter, my hair will be gone. I hope you know that. You remarked yesterday that I was being stubborn-- you should look at yourself, Iris! Vaguely, though vivid, I remember why you came back. I don't understand Iris, all you do is visit Dr. Zale. I hope you not to be sick, you must tell me one day Iris!

Alas, Iris, my love for you cannot be denied. Being your brother is surely a blessing. You are certainly one of the angels that walk among us. I cannot believe mother has left so soon, but it has been long. We must recover one day or another.

If you were not my sister, I would marry you. When you kiss me to leave, or the occasional family kiss, I am overwhelmed with happiness. It gives me a sensation knowing you love me more then anyone you've known. Words cannot explain my brotherly love for a sister like you, Iris. All I wish to do is protect you, as you are not only younger but not ready for a world like this, Iris. You may be eighteen, but I promise you will still need my support.

As always, I will tell you about the day's I've been having, Iris. Sir Henry (the one who rides his bicycle all around our cities) disappeared. His family won't say (in fact, I have not seen them in much time), but I am worried for him. And Iris, have you heard of automobiles? They are supposed to be too much fun! Like a horse and carriage, but without the horses. It travels smooth and fast, like flying! Interesting, right, Iris? And Father says we ran out of coffee supplies, and now we can only have hot water and herbs. Imagine how much coffee we had to last us! They say we mustn't eat goods, but I'm unsure of why. Before Sir Henry's sister, Helene, disappeared, she says she no longer has her desserts! Her favorite was something called a "cupcake" which is explained as delicious spongy sweet in a drinking basin. But all I can eat now are trout and crackers, because the war is limiting us.

I love you so, Iris. If you meet someone, please let me know. My entire existence is based on you, your safety and care. I love you like there is no tomorrow, and your wellness is everything to me.


Your Loving Brother Seeley

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