Epilogue Bad Boys Were never my type..until now!

i hope you guys liked it!! (: it took me a while to figure out where i wanted to plot this and with what but i finally did it :DD if its confusing, feel free to ask questions when commenting! (: this is far into the future btw.

Chapter 1

Happily ever afters


Sophia P.O.V

"Mrs.Crawford! Mrs.Crawford!!! Toby Stuck paste in my hair!!!"

"Did Not you liar!"

"did too!"

with a huff, i stood up from my spot at the front of the room towards the art area where Toby and Adriana sat bickering with one another.Seeing the giant blob of Elmer's' glue in Adriana's auburn hair, i knew one of them needed a time out.

I knelt down in front of them both as they glared at each other. "Adriana, here let me take it out. and as for you Toby, i'll deal with you later." i said, giving him a warning look as he began to protest.

with a dramatic sigh, Toby stood from his seat.

I turned my attention back to Adriana who now had tears in her eyes.

"my hair.." she whispered agonized. my heart went out for her. if this ever happened to my hair, i didn't know what i would do.

"it'll be ok. Ana,lets see what we can do." i said, taking hold of her small hand in mine and leading her to the back of the room where my supplies for cases like these are stored.

Just another torturous day as a Preschool teacher.

Tyler's P.O.V

"are we there yet?" Elliza(sounds like Alissa but with an E) Asked for the tenth time while i drove.

"no, not yet." i said, couldn't help but chuckle at her impatience.She acted so much like me that it was freaky. With her Big brown eyes and her light brown hair, Elliza was by far the most gorgeous 4 year old i had ever seen.

A couple of months after graduation, i finally got the nerve to ask Sophia to marry me. of course, a month after Her brother, Daniel's, wedding.

A very pregnant Morgan was her maid of honor while i chose kevin as one of my best men after he bribed me with 50 bucks.

i am pretty sure the money was a apology before hand because after we said our vows and kissed, Kevin decided to start playing Billy Jean while he waltz down the isle Micheal Jackson style in front of us.

My father, who had gotten out of jail for a final sentencing, managed to attend and video taped every second of kevin's obscurity.

Even though i felt sorta pissed off that he would do that at our wedding, i could have asked for anything better. Sophia was my wife now, and that was all that mattered.

"Daddy!! are we there now?!" Elliza wailed form the back seat of my brand spanking new yellow mustang. (i bet you can guess who chose it.)

"3 more minutes Elle, promise."

from the rear view mirror, i watched her face turn into an adorable pout.

"you said that 3 minutes ago!! i was counting Daddy. you cant fool me."

i laughed, shaking my head as i slowed down at a stop sign.

"i know, Ella Bella, im sorry."

decided to ignore me, my daughter turned to face the window.

Ignorance.That must be from her mother's side.

Kevin P.O.V

"Rock paper scissors, Shoot!!"

"Damn it! two out of three?"

"No Honey, its your turn to pick him up."

sighing Dramatically i gave in to Morgan's request.

"fine, but you'll pay for this later." i said huskily, leaning forwards to press my lips teasingly on hers. i smiled when i felt her pull me closer, so that i wouldn't try to escape.

"i have to go pick up Toby now," i said against her lips, reminding her.

reluctantly, Morgan let go of me, but her now stormy colored eyes held mine with a gaze so strong i almost forgot what i was supposed to be doing.

"hurry back so that i can make it up to you." she whispered into my ear, sending tingles down my spine.

quickly i grabbed my car keys and left the house without looking back, because if i did, i knew i wouldn't ever leave.

climbing into my Toyota, i pulled out of my drive way and onto the road, down to Sophia's preschool class, where my 6 year old son, Toby, went to school.

i know that i am supposedly his "adoptive father" since he isn't mine biologically, but in every other way, he is.

Morg and i raised him ourselves. some times it got tough. but i did have a little brother who used to baby sit. but most of the time it was really fun.

People even think he looks like me. With his deep dark brown eyes and his black hair,that was all he inherited from the sperm donor Lance,. but hey, at least Lance had those two things in common with me.

Pulling up to the front of the small school, i jumped out, locking the doors automatically.

"Daddy, look!! uncle Kevin!!" yelled an over high pitched voice form behind me. it sounded awfully familiar.

before i could turn around, i was tackled almost to the ground. damn this girl got strength, reminds me of hulk. HULK SMASH.

looking down at the monster who was clinging to my legs, i was met with a dazzling smile that only one 4 year old i know has.

"Hey there Ellie the Mexican wrestler" i said, calling her our secret code name.

"Hi there Uncle Mesican Wrestler!" she chirped happily mispronouncing Mexican. "

glancing upwards towards Tyler who stood there, watching his daughter with eyes only a true man can have.

"good to see you, Kevin." Tyler said, looking at me with a smile.

"good to be seen, Tyler." i said jokingly back.

rolling his eyes, Tyler stepped around me to the front entrance to the preschool.

"The bell should be ringing any moment now." he said, checking his watch.

i heard a gasp from below me, turning my attention back to Elliza whose eyes were wide with excitement.

"i can see Toby today?"

i cracked a smile, trying to hide my amusement.

Toby and Elliza had a very interesting friendship. Toby was already head over heels for her but didnt want to admit it.He was at that age where he believed girls had cooties while Ellie was too young to comprehend it just yet.

"yes, you can see Toby Today," i replied, beginning to walk awkwardly with Elliza still attached to my legs.

"Yay!!" she squealed, looking giddy.

Tyler held the wooden door open for me to enter safely, giving him a nod, i walked in as Ellie giggled at my struggled movements.

"Alright Elliza, thats enough. " Tyler said, bending down to scoop us his squealing daughter into his arms.

Suddenly, the school bell rang, signalling that school was over. within a second, the whole hallway was filled with little children wearing over sized back packs.

trying not to step on anyone, Tyler and i made our way to Sophia's Classroom.

"Mommy!" Elliza yelled, wiggling in her father's grasp before he let her down. She made a mad dash into the finger painting covered door. Leaving me and Tyler behind.

"hey Soph," i said casually, strolling in to find her scowling at Toby who sat in his chair guiltily. instead of feeling disapproval, i felt pride. He was acting so much like me, i could cry. i wonder what prank he pulled this time.

Sophia P.O.V

"Hi Toby!" Elliza chirped as she flung herself at Toby who sat in front of me.

i waited for him to push her away, since girl had cooties and all. but instead Toby took me by surprise. He hugged her back tightly.

"hi Ellie." he replied with a smile.

huh, i guess he only acts like a cootie reject-er when in front of his friends.

impossibly, Elli's smile grew wider.

"wanna play with me?" my 4 year old daughter asked her 6 year old best friend.

gently pulling her away from Toby to face me, i said, "sweetie, toby's in trouble right now. maybe you guys can play later."

sulking, Elliza turned away from us without a word, she knew better than to defend him at the moment.

"what did my boy do know?" i heard kevin say from behind me. i didnt see him enter,i expected him to be unhappy, but he looked proud....what the hell?

taking a glance behind kevin, my eyes locked with the clear blue ones i loved. i smiled warmly up at him, completely ignoring kevin's attempts to get back my attention.

Tyler's lips curled up to a smile as well. he stepped closer towards me, and i stood up to meet him half way to engulf him into a hug.

"hey." i whispered into his ear, missing his smell and warmth even though i only worked for 5 hours today. it felt like forever.

"hey." he whispered back, tightening his grip on me. i felt him press his warm lips against the side of my neck as i sighed, content.

"Ah HEM!" i heard from behind me, i knew it was Kevin. only he would love interrupting, i just hope Toby doesn't turn out like that.

with a sigh, i let the love of my life go to turn my attention back to my situation.

"can you tell me what my son did already?"

choosing to ignore him for a few more seconds, i glanced over to Elliza who had started looking over the pictures i had put up all over the walls. she was staring at one in particular though, the one Toby had made... not that she would know.

"Well?" Kevin asked again, getting more and more impatient with me as he stepped into my vision.

resiting the tempting urge to ignore him again, i told him rather calmly. "Toby poured glue into another students hair. now she'll have to cut some of it off. "

Kevin turned his head to Toby so fast, i thought he'd get whiplash.

"you did that?" he exclaimed, his eyes turning wide.

Toby, feeling pressured with all of the attention, lowered his head to avoid the intense look of his father who i could tell was struggling from smirking and calling out 'Thats my boy!'

"i am very disappointed in you Toby. just wait until your mother hears about this."

Toby's dark brown eyes shot up terrified. "No! please don't tell her!" he begged, jumping out of the time out chair and threw himself at Kevin's legs. his puppy dog face in full view.

"i wanna play too!!" i heard Elliza yell as she came running over to mimic Toby's actions to her own father.

"i wont tell her just yet, but you better not do it again, ya hear?" Kevin said, turning into parent mode, finally.

Toby nodded vigorously. He was such a mamma's boy that telling Morgan about what happened today would be his worst nightmare.

"good, now go over to uncle Tyler's leg cuz your staying over at their place for a few hours. " he said, pulling his leg out of his grasp.

"What?!" Tyler yelled as the same time Elliza said "Hooray!!"

i shot kevin a look. "About to get laid?" i asked not surprised.

"of course." he said, with a wink in my direction before heading towards my classroom door. "i'll pick him up in 3 hours, tops." he said before disappearing.

"you know, i hate how he takes advantage of us. " Tyler muttered, pulling Ellie off of his leg and setting her up on her feet. She ran over to Toby who stood there watching the door.

"he doesn't take advantage.' i said, half believing myself.

"what if i wanted to get laid? what do i do know?" Tyler said mostly to himself causing me to laugh.

"Then you'll wait until its bedtime. " i whispered close to his ear, watching him shiver.

With a grin, i took hold of his hand and laced our fingers together. "Lets go guys." i called over my shoulder to Elli and Toby who were whispering to each other.

i always wondered how Toby could handle the energy of a girl two years younger than him. It must be the obvious crush he secretly had for her. the crush that made him go crazy with wanting to be around her but couldnt since she was indeed, a girl. The one Ellie didnt even know about because to her, boy's were just girls who didn't like barbies.

A few years from now, maybe they will fall in love and have their own love story. And at the rate these two were going, we won't be waiting for long.

THE END!!! (: i hope you guys liked it. its SUPER long :DD i cant decide what story i should start next,(i'll upload a quiz asking for your choice on the Story some other time.) i have too much school work and work to start a brand new one so i'll just continue writing Kiss But Dont Tell and until i have time, i wont write my new series. deal? good.(:


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