Pain of love and family

to every child who has been abused or taken from their family

Chapter 1

The Home is where the heart is

A little girl sits in her room
listening to a fight between her mum and dad
tears stream down her face
crying in the corner
til she hears a scream
she runs down stairs to see whats wrong
she walks in on her mum on the ground blood spilling to the floor
looks at her dad and tears stream down her face slowly
her dad ensures everything is alright
she backs away and rings her nan
red and blue lights flash in the night
a knock at the door brings the room to a hault
two tall men stand at the door
the little girl looks at them holding her teddy
tells of whats happens
the man walk in take pictures and talk to her dad
then they place cuffs on his wrists
walk him out and shuts the door
the little girl cries her heart next to her mum
then a man talks to her saying its alright
they take her to her nans a safe place
Now she stands with her teddy talking of her mummy at her funeral
than runs behind a tree
A blue butterfly passes and catches her
she holds a butterfly on her hand smiling
she is safe from what can hurt
but her mummy and daddy are gone

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