bite me, my blood is filthy anyway (Sirius Black Love Story)

Name: Rose Nicole Scarlett
Age: same year as the marauders of course - 11 at beginning of story
Appearance: warm blonde hair and gold eyes
other: her eyes change to her mood, but gold is her favorite color to keep them as
the first chapter contains her biggest secret for you to read and find out about

Chapter 27

Eyes like the killing curse, and lips like blood (Sorry that its short, just wanted to update it since i havent in awhile)

"BELLATRIX!" i yelled. My eyes were now flashing red and orange, as if my eyes were on fire. All eyes were now on me in the great hall, as i stood up from my seat at the Gryffindor table and moved over to the Slytherin table where Bellatrix sat with a smirk on her face.
"Perhaps you would like to explain this to me?" i asked, while i showed her the title on the Daily Prophet.
"Nothing would give me more pleasure, Nicole. " She drawled, exaggerating my fake name as best she could.
I rolled my eyes and grabbed the collar of her shirt and dragged her out of the great hall. "Get your filthy hands off me, mudblood!" She screeched at me. But even though she moved out of my grip, she continued to walk out with me, with a smirk clearly placed on her face.
Once we were out of the view of everyone else, i put the spell "muffliato" up around us, so that no one would hear us. This only caused her to smirk more, and it looked as it she was suppressing a laugh. "What?" i hissed at her. "Do you know who invented that spell?" she asked.
"Yeah, Sev did..."
"Well, he has invented more than one spell."
"Yeah, he invented the spell 'levicorpus as well..."
"He invented one more than that. And guessing by the stupid look on your face - that he hasnt told you about it, which is understandable i suppose."
I shoke off her words and went back to the reason that i had pulled her out here in the first place. "What is this?" i asked pushing the paper into her face. "Blackmail," she said.
"Blackmail? But this article is about the Quidditch teams!" i shouted at her while i threw the paper at the ground.
"Do i need to explain to you what blackmail is?" She crossed her arms over her chest and looked at me with disgust. I mirrored her actions. "The dark lord is giving you a warning. With all the power he is gaining it would just prove foolish to try and fight him. He can easily gain control of the Prophet and get an article written about how "Nicole Charlotte Rivers" is actually "Rose Nicole Scarlett". With news that big it will probably even make the front page. And you wouldnt want that, now would you?"
"Then join us. Join us and you wont be harmed. Join us and you will be on the winning side of this war. Join us, and you shall live."
I sighed, and looked back to where i could only see a glimpse of the doors that hid the great hall. "And my friends? Will they be harmed?"
"If you join us, no. But if you decide not to, all bets are off."
I reached and stroked my earrings; remembering what had happened that day and not wanting it to happen again, to the only people that i had left and cared for in my life.

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