OMG!!! Oliver Wood!!! :O

OMG so just read the story!! :)

Chapter 1

I'ts Oliver!!

OMG so we had a field trip today to a camp. We were split up into groups with a counseler for each one of the groups. And then when the counseler started talking... he had a scottish accent!! XD I was thinking in my head " IT"S OLIVER WOOD!! And I look more at his face and he almost looked like him!!! OK he somewhat looked like him but still!! so the whole time I was thinking about Harry Potter!! And he was like super nice but he said that he was horrible at balancing so he may not be that great at quidditch :( But if we fell of theses ropes things (which happened to me like 20 times XD) he was nice about it and said like "I know you've got it this time!" in his accent!! Yea now I want to go there for camp!!! :)


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