::Good Times at Konoha High!::A Naruto Story

::Good Times at Konoha High!::A Naruto Story

Okay you must read this!! I made it in modern times so there is technology and they still have ninja powers.They live normal lives.The Akatsuki members are not evil they are just older than you.The whole Itachi killed his clan thing never happened and everyones parents just died of normal conditions....If you have any questions just ask oh and Madara is sasuke and itachis gaurdian.The first two chapters are just so i can get some feedback.So please leave comments for me!

Chapter 1

About You

Name: Yui Hideki
Age: 14
Hair: Pink
Eyes: Purple
About You: You live with your two brothers,Yuzuru(16) and Ayato(12).Your parents died when you were young and you and your brothers were taken care of by your older cousin Hinata.You are best friends with three boys; Fujumaki,Noda,and Oyama,along with two other girls;Yuri and Iwasawa. Other than them you hang out with Sakura,Ino,Hinata,and the boys. You get along with everyone exept Karin and her friends. Your brother Yuzuru is friends with Neji,Rock Lee,TenTen,and Temari.Ayato hangs out with Konohamaru and his friends.Your older cousin Hinata is friends with itachi and his friends.
Im sorry if this sucks guys but while I was writing this my cat died.I really miss him....But please send me feedback so i can improve thanks!!!!


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