The Children of Atlantis -- By Angel Arcane

I found this transcript buried on the Texas shoreline, written in a mysterious and unknown language, and was able to translate the words with the help of a strange friend of mine.

Take heed that what you see here is classified.

You are endangered by reading this. The less you know, the safer you are, and soon they will find you. You must be constantly on the move.

By reading this, you are entering a fight for your life.

Chapter 1

A Long and Rather Complicated Explanation

by: Undead_1

Hi. I'm Brielle Oaks. I'd like to introduce myself, and since you're translating this, I should probably explain a few things to you.

Chances are, if you're reading this, you're an Atlantian, and you don't even know it yet. That's actually a really bad thing, so you should probably try to contact me. Don't worry -- if you are an Atlantian, that shouldn't be too hard for you.

If you haven't guessed yet, I am an Atlantian. Here's a very, very, very, very, very, very, very, VERY shortened version of our history. Once upon a time, there were gods. These gods watched over the human life on earth and created a continent named Atlantis.

Yeah, that's right. A continent. Historians are STUPID... but I digress.

Now, the people of Atlantis were blessed with powers and meant to be Earth's protectors and defend the good people of Earth against the bad people on Earth. But the Earth-dwellers were scared of the people from the gods, terrified of their powers. The gods loved the Earth-dwellers and couldn't bear to hurt them, so they told the Atlantians that they must hide or be destroyed. And so, the eight leaders of the eight races of Atlantis each did their part in a spell so powerful it made them sink under the sea and be lost to the Above. It's still under there today, protected by powerful spells and superstition, right under where you Abovers call the Bermuda triangle.

There. You solved the mystery of the Lost City of Atlantis. Turns out it wasn't even a city to begin with.

So why do some of us still dwell Above?

Well, I'll tell you.

So, there are eight races of Atlantis. The continent is shaped like a rainbow, and the land is separated in eight sections, each race living in one of the sections.

The Forest Talkers, or the People of Light, live on the farthest right section. They have the power to control and talk to the trees and other plant life. They are inhumanly fast, can hear things over thirty miles away, and can see over sixty miles away.

The next one over is the Bluemarshes, home to the Water-Speakers, the People of the Seas. They can control water, talk to water creatures, and don't get wet unless they feel like it. They cry a lot, but that's hardly their fault. They're actually very tough, they just have too much moisture in their bodies. Oh, and as an added bonus, their eyes, always a vivid purple, blue, or green, can see through walls.

The next one over is the Stone Hills. Living among this huge mountain range are the Earth-Shakers. Their temper tantrums, though few, make mountains, and if you make them angry the ground shakes for dramatic effect. (I say this out of pure experience.) They have super strength and have a naturally confident air about them. Oh, and did I mention, they are super-strong. Like, bust a mountain strong.

Over to the east one country is FlameBay, home to the warm-hearted and lovable Fire-Tongues. They have complete control over anything that has to do with heat -- flames, hair curlers, you name it. They are also the Dragon-Blessed people. Most dragons in Atlantis are capable of human speech, and the Fire-Tongues gained favor with the Dragons early on. So, they are allowed to tame and ride dragons, a privilege extended only to them. Cool, right?

Next door is Skymount. The weather there is more bipolar than Utah weather... and if you know Utah weather, you know it's unpredictable to the extreme. It can be snowing one place and completely sunny in another. This is because the people there can completely control the wind and weather. It's a difficult job, but they love it. Also, they are natural-born leaders, and quick decision-makers. If you're ever in a crisis, a Stormbringer, or one of the People of the Skies, is the one you want to have nearby. They also have an extra little quirk -- they can sometimes see the future.

Next to them is the Evergreen Valley. In this happy little rainbow-strewn valley lives the Atlantian equivalent of faeries and leprechauns. They're tricksters, jokers, and they're ALL. VERY. SHORT. They possess the power to mess with your mind, literally -- see things that aren't there, feel emotions that you wouldn't be feeling naturally, etc. We call them Color-Dancers. They're bubbly and very friendly.

The next place over is the Mistlands. The people who live there are as mysterious as their country's names. They have unknown, strange powers. They're like magicians -- they can disappear in puffs of smoke, saw people in half and sew them back together . . . all that good stuff. They have serious magic skills going on. My best friend happens to be a Mistlandian, or a Chant. She is sometimes infuriatingly vague, and so is the rest of her race.

The eighth and final Race of Atlantis is the Shadow-Twisters, who live in the Black Moor. Serious and realistic, they have the power to speak the languages of the night and converse with demons. They are immune to magical fear, and they have the ability to seep into shadow, teleport, and turn completely invisible. They are extremely powerful, and until recently guarded the Void of the Soulless, which is the prison we Atlantians keep dark entities in.

Let me explain the "until recently" part.

So, unlike the rest of the Atlantian races, the Shadow-Twisters had a council instead of a king and a queen. The "top dog" of this council was a man named Asmodeus. He was also the head guard of the Void. Now, this man started LISTENING to the Dark King, Minax. What a stupid thing to do, right? He turned dark, and in doing so his powers were enhanced a little. He couldn't get enough of the power, and he started convincing others to join him. Now, as more and more of the council members turned dark, so did the entire nation, until only one family on the council remained loyal to the rest of Atlantis.

So what did Asmodeus do? Oh yeah. He decided to open the Void of the Soulless.

Now, there were 8 Keys to the Wall of Nightmares, the entrance to the Void. Each had its own place there, and each represents a Race of Atlantis. He removed them and kidnapped one child from each royal family of each Race and sent them above with the key to their race, hoping that they would never return and set the keys in order. Seven royal children were kidnapped, and as punishment for the one loyal Shadow-Twister family, their son was kidnapped too. There were four boys and four girls.

In desperation, the kings and queens of the other nations sent a guardian above to locate the Lost Children. In retaliation, the Shadow-Twisters closed the gates to the above, making it impossible for her to return on her own. She did locate the Children, however, and educated their adoptive families as to who they were and what they were.

Now, as these children began to grow, they noticed that they had powers. Powers that, first time around, they could not control. But their adoptive parents taught them what the guardian had taught them, and as time went by, they learned to use their powers. The Children and their parents were thrilled, and soon it came time to unite them and take them back to Atlantis. They were only eight years old.

Then, disaster struck. The Shadow-Twisters had turned eight other children to the powers of darkness. They were simply known as the Dark Ones, and they came above through a secret gateway to Earth's surface. In the night, the very eve of their journey to their meeting place, each and every family was murdered by the Dark Ones. The Dark Ones were not yet powerful enough to take on the Lost Children, though, so they were left alone in the world.

They were all adopted again and lost contact with each other. But through a twist of fate, the Lost Child of Lightglades, the Forest-Talker, did some locating, and through a happy twist of fate managed to move each and every one of them into a one-hundred mile radius.

By another twist of fate, this now preteen Atlantian girl met up with the Mistlandian, the Chant, in a Wal-Mart. She was thrilled. They have been best friends ever since.

How do I know this?

Oh yeah. I'm the Lost Child of the Lightglades. Surprise.

Anyways, time flew for me and Melody, the Chant I mentioned above. In no time, it seemed we were going to college. I had a knack for finding Lost Children, and my instincts, as well as Melody's, had begun to kick in. We felt drawn to Brigham Young University, and decided to go to college there. I wondered if we felt like we should go there because the other Children were going there too, but we decided to leave that to fate.

So, anyways, Melody and I flew off to Utah to attend college. I wrote a list as we took off. A list of names. A list of all the Lost Children.

Damien Gray, Stormbringer
Ash Sparks, Fire-Tongue
Jordan Stone, Earthshaker
Blake Shades, Shadow-Twister
Aurelia Brooks, Water-Speaker
Dot Probe, Color-Dancer
Melody Potter, Chant
Brielle Oaks, Forest-Talker

My quest, though I didn't know it, was beginning today.

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