A Sonamy Story (Chapter 1)

This is a story about Sonic and Amy and all their friends. THe first chapter starts with Sonic, Cream, Tails, Amy Rose, Knucles, Shadow, and Sally. Plzzz comment and tell me what you think of it!

Chapter 1

First Day of Emerald High Part 1

Cream: (knocks on Amy's door) Amy you ready for school
Amy: Yeah Cream I'm ready (opens the door) lets go (shuts the door)
Cream: I can't wait to see tails and everyone else (blushes a little)
Amy: Cream by any chance, do you like tails?
Cream: Yes Amy I do and let me guess you like Sonic
Amy: Yes but that not the point he dating Sally so anyway why don't you tell tails how you feel?
Cream: I want to but i'm embarrassed and Amy he 8 i'm 6, he two years older than me
Amy: Cream don't be embarrassed and your birthday tomorrow so you don't have to worry
Cream: Thanks Amy I'm glad your my best friend and look who it is its Sally
Amy: No problem and its mrs. no clothes girl
Sally: Hey Cream (rolls her eyes) and Amy
Cream: Hi well if you excuse me I should be finding tails (walks away)
Amy: You don't deserve Sonic
Sally: Why do you say that I'm hotter than you?!
Amy: Cause Sonic doesn't need a girl who only wears a jacket and tries to be a slut
Sally: Look Mrs. Crazy I'm popular so is Sonic so we are meant to be he wouldn't go for a little girl like you
Amy: You don't know that miss perfect and just because your popular doesn't mean you have to be with Sonic
Sally: Look I'm going to mess you up *gets closer to Amy and is about to punch her but Sonic comes over)
Sonic: Hey Sally (kisses her) and hi Amy (looks at her)
Sally: Hey Sonicy (kisses him back)
Amy: Hi Sonic
Sally: Well i'm going to find all my friends over there (walks away)
Amy: So Sonic how have you been?
Sonic: Good how have you been?
Amy: Great, listen Sonic, I don't think she your type
Amy: But I love you
Sonic: I DON'T
Amy: (crying and runs to go find Cream)
Will Sonic say sorry to Amy?
Will Amy forgive him?
Will Amy hate him forever?
Will Sonic dump Sally or stay with her?
Stay Tune for Part 2


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