I'm quitting....100% sure


Chapter 1

Not much to say

I am so sorry you guys!!! I just had to...I'm getting addicted and I need to stop someday..Sorry i'm quitting so soon, I just felt it was the time. Luv ya's!

cupcakes: I'm not sad because u r my best friend in real life so I get to see you.
Desi: You were one bestest friend on here! I love you more then words could say!
Heres a gift. gives pet unicorn shirley TAKE GOOD CARE OF HERE!
V_bear: You r so precious! You were my closest friend on here ever since I made an account! You had my back! And we even made poems for each other!
tammy2012: tammy, first of all your a sweetheart! You're so nice and you can't help fighting for at least two seconds. And I hope we never get in one!
LoveLetters_2_Myself: I love you so much!!! And ur so sweet thanks for everything! You were the first friend I had on here!


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