Dark in the Night ( my vampire romance book NOT twilight)


Chapter 1

The Walk Home

by: VP_OldNew
My name is Mirage. i dress goth and i just turned 16 and my best friend is Becca. I am walking home with her from the movies late at night. as we were walking we passed the old Hollow Hill Mansion in the that is supposedly haunted. now Becca is scared of anything like that so it freaks her out just to be near it. " Hey Mira?" that is what she calls me. " yea?" " i dare you to spend the rest of the night in the Hollow Hill Mansion!" she said. " Me? but your the one who is scared to death of it!" i said. " well then we'll go together." to me that was the perfect friday night. i love that old mansion and actually have snuck in there many times. we found a busted cellar window and i crawled through it first becca second. it was pitch black and i couldnt see anything. yet up ahead i saw that there was a lit candle and on the floor were dirty clothes. " hey do you see this Bec?" i asked. i didnt get a response from her since she was so scared she looked like she was gonna pis her pants. we found stairs that led out of the cellar and walked into the main hallway.i wanted to go to the attic so i had to find more stairs but always had to keep looking behind me to see if Becca was still there. we looked for a while and finally found some stairs that led all the way to the roof! when i started to climb it though i heard a noise that sounded like a lot of breaking glass. and when i turned around Becca was gone! i ran downstairs and kept screaming for her and shouting her name. then i heard her scream like she saw a serial killer! i tried to follow it but her voice started to die away! i didnt know what to do! if i should go get help or try to find her. but i just started running in circles out of confusion. but then i saw something flying across the room. suddenly i was blindfolded and gaged. i was dragged upstairs to a room and i could hear three men arguing. they were all screaming cus words at eachother and i could tell it was over me by their language. suddenly one of them shouted and i could feel something sharp pierce my neck and i started to lose consiousness

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