only one girl

i was bored when i wrote this. i've been going thru a lotta crap with my bff and this story its kinda mine and my bff story. not really tho. anyway, hope you like it. Just remeber, if you can't say nuttin nice, dont say nuttin at all. no rude comments pretty please :)

Chapter 4

I didn't want things to end THIS way.

Charity’s blog- August 19th-

Ok, so Cole and I are back on talking terms, he apologized for being a jerk and I forgave him. So we are good. But Jezie hasn’t spoken to me since the 13th. Which is really strange. I’m kinda worried about her. Normally it would be like this-

scene- her at her house me at mine-

cell phone rings and I check the text which is from Jezie "hey charity, i don't think we should be friend anymore, you keep on complaining about... (blah blah blah)"

one week later- phone rings with text from Jezie "hey charity, I'm sorry for the way I acted the other day. i was having a bad day and when you said.... (blah blah blah)"

anyway, you get the hint of what I'm saying. so after a week has past and there is no text, it kinda worries me. I'll give her another week before I ask her what’s going on. If she is serious about the whole thing about being jealous, well, number one, that’s just immature, number two, i can't believe she would break off a friendship, just because she's seen me and Cole together at the youth group at our church a lot, and is mad about me having a half-boyfriend. I don't even want a real boyfriend. Friends that are boys are always good, much less dramatic than girls. moral to today’s story- always fight for something you want, even if it is something stupid.

Charity Blazer

Charity's blog- August 31st-

wow. so Jezie STILL hasn't spoken to me, at all. I texted her a week after my last blog entry, and she never replied. she un-friended me from Facebook so I can't get a hold of her there. I can contact her though her aunt, whom she is living with, but that’s going a little too far. So I'm just going to give her space and when she's ready to talk, she can talk. But if she never talks to me again then its whatever. she's obviously given up on the relationship and there is zip, zilch, and nada that I can do about it. Moral to today’s story- a friendship is a team, its not one person and one person, its one whole person in two different bodies. If one body doesn't wanna work on something then the other body has no other option but it sit there for eternity.

Charity Blazer

Charity's blog-September 10th-

wow. this is crazy; i still have not talked with Jezie. I'm beginning to wonder if this seriously is the end of our friendship. I don't think its about her being jealous of me and Cole though. i think its much more about her being jealous of my whole life. I still have both of my parents living together and happily married, I live in a good home, my dad is well-paid, and I don't fight to offend with my siblings. Her on the other hand, not so much. she lives with her aunt, her mom is a drug-head in Nevada somewhere, and her dad is recently out of jail and is working too much to see her. I feel sorry for the girl. She's had a rough life. But If this is seriously the end of our friendship then fine. But I'm not going to stress out about it. But I didn't want everything to end THIS way. Moral to today’s story- This may not go the way you have them planned in your head. But this will happen.

Charity Blazer

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