only one girl

i was bored when i wrote this. i've been going thru a lotta crap with my bff and this story its kinda mine and my bff story. not really tho. anyway, hope you like it. Just remeber, if you can't say nuttin nice, dont say nuttin at all. no rude comments pretty please :)

Chapter 3

Wounded Deer.

Charity's blog- July 28th-

Really? Ugg! Life sometimes makes me so mad. Jezebel, as usual, had to steal the spot light. at my birthday party. I was having a great time, jamming to some music with all of my friends. Just then, him, Mr. Hottalot, Cole Winship, asked me to dance with him. I was going to say no anyway. But then to make everything with us worse, Jezie steps in and says, "if she doesn't I will." And, yah know what he does? he takes one look at her out fit and says "sure." Jezie is known for wearing skimpy outfits to parties. even I am wearing a red tank top with a black, see through shirt over it, a pair of ripped jeans, and ballet flats. I have no intention of showing off more of my body than necessary. Anyway, my blog isn't to whine and complain about my life. Moral to todays story- only dress like a stripper if you want to catch a cold.

Charity Blazer.

Charity's blog- July 31st-

Cole came up to me in the park today. he apologized for not giving me a chance to respond to his question the night of my party. he brought along a CD player just in case I did wanna dance. Is that not sweet or WHAT? so we stood in the park, dancing to some type of jazzy song. It was awesome! Then after that, he bought me frozen yogurt and we walked around the park for three hours, talking about all kinds of random stuff. And then, Jezie appears. you may as well just shoot me down right now. She comes up to Cole with a bouncy "Hello!" (at least she's wearing more than what she was at my party) then turns to me and starts rambling on about some dramatic thing that has just happened in her life, I don't understand anything that she is saying to me. But I just nod and keep on eating my yogurt, like I know whats going on. I noticed that Cole has now left the park. After the end of her spill, She asks if she can have my yogurt. come on now Jez, you should know how protective I am over my food. But instead of being mean, I hand her the container and wipe my sticky hands on my denim shorts. I’m so over her drama. Moral to todays story- if her name is someone evil in the bible, you probably shouldn't be friends with her.

Charity Blazer.

Charitys blog- August 13th-

grrrrrrr soooooo over her drama. That was one of the last things I said in my last entry. well, shes decided that we can't be friends any more, because she's too jealous of the way that me and Cole have been getting along. its not like we are a couple or anything, just close friends. then Cole came to my house and asked that we not spend so much time together. appently he doesn't like how close we are getting. I feel horrible. he said we are still friends and he commanded that we still stay in touch, but that it wouldn't be like before. why do things have to change??? Moral to todays story- you aren't ready for a relationship if you aren't ready to feel like a wounded deer.

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