only one girl

i was bored when i wrote this. i've been going thru a lotta crap with my bff and this story its kinda mine and my bff story. not really tho. anyway, hope you like it. Just remeber, if you can't say nuttin nice, dont say nuttin at all. no rude comments pretty please :)

Chapter 2

Roscoe and Sebastian.

Charitys Blog- July 9th-

I'm headed to the sandy beach of Roscoe Village, Florida. I know you have never heard of it. no one ever has. Its a private island off of Florida, where i live but about 50 miles from any beach, that my dad owns. I'm more excited than I sound, I love the beach. i plan on moving there as soon as possible! The waves and everything excite me. Jezie hates the beach, i dont understand. shes tried dragging me to the mountains which she apparently loves. i think all of the rocks and everything are boring, there are way more people at beaches (other than Roscoe Village) and the waves are so wonderful. Moral to todays story- don't be afraid to go to new places, but always make sure you don't get your hopes too high. set your standards low and if you like a place, you will be even more stunted at the beauty :)

Charity Blazer

Charitys blog-July 15th-

whelp, it turns out that I am being taken to some mystery place for my birthday. It was on the 11th but Jezie decided that she wanted to take me somewhere special for my birthday. The beach was amazing! as always but I just really hope she isn't taking me to the mountains again. >_< all i know is that I need to pack for hot weather and take a lot of clothes. Ipod-check. it might come in handy for ignoring her. Moral to todays story- never let your frenemies steal you for an unknown length of time, to unknown places.

Charity Blazer

Charitys blog-July 20th-

oh my goodness. It turns out that Jezie was taking me to a summer camp for my birthday. not to be goofy and play with the other kids, but to work. It was still fun. But I was Marjory disappointed. even the mountains would be better then camp Sebastian. It was terrible. the kids where rude and disrespectful, it was 105 degrees the whole time, it took 11 hours to get there, because it was in...get ready for it...Texas. i like Texas, but its SO HOT! and on top of the rude kids and horrible weather, I almost had a heat stroke, and i was stuck with Jezie all week. 4 days. She made me to most of the work (which isn't that unusual.) it was a very poor call. moral to todays story- dont let your so-called friends do all the work, if you have to be forceful, then do so. don't be a doormat.

Charity Blazer

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