only one girl

i was bored when i wrote this. i've been going thru a lotta crap with my bff and this story its kinda mine and my bff story. not really tho. anyway, hope you like it. Just remeber, if you can't say nuttin nice, dont say nuttin at all. no rude comments pretty please :)

Chapter 1

when life gives you lemons.

Charity's blog- June 17th-

I have no idea what I have done. Facebook has ruined a friendship. It was all over something stupid, I didnt like Jezie commenting on everything i posted. I guess she doesn't like it when you ask her to not do something. I can't believe she would seriously un-friend me and ask that we not be friends anymore. wow. I think what really made me mad was the fact that she kept on calling me a hypocrite. That just ticks me off. all of you are most likely confused. I had asked Jezebel (my so-called bff) to please stop commenting on everything I post. It was getting super annoying. Well, long story short, she over reacted and now we are no-longer friends. I give her a week before shes texting me again. but I might be wrong. you never can tell. Moral to today’s story- Don't let people push you around. if you don’t like something, tell someone who matters.

Charity Blazer

Charity's blog- June 25th-

well, I was right. Jezie sent me a text last night, saying how sorry she was for overreacting and how she missed our friendship. which I can read past that. what she really meant was Im-tired-of-being-bored-all-the-time-and-you-are-the-only-one-who-will-text-me. I know her well enough to know what shes talking about. sigh. we have been texting ever since then. why oh why am I doing this to myself? Moral to today's story- Don't text someone who you don't like, even if its out of pity.

Charity Blazer

Charity’s blog- June 30th-

This is why you dont re-friend some one even after they say they are sorry 1 million times and admit they where wrong and that they overreacted. I woke up this morning to find 19 notifications from…you guessed it…Jezebel Wing. I am so tired of her already. Its been 1 day with her, I’m starting to miss those 8 days without her. Life seemed almost peaceful with out her constantly texting and trying to contact me. What have I done with re-friending her? Moral to today’s story- when life hands you lemons, if you don’t come up with some sugar, you r going to have some cruddy lemonade.

Charity Blazer

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